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  1. A good friend of mine said the other day that we’ve tried the “sacking managers time and time again, the only thing we haven’t tried is actually sticking by one.” I totally agree that the airdrie game was horrific, it was my worst feeling ever watching Falkirk, but I’m so glad we stuck by him. Some folk on here really have some bizarre opinions, however they are just opinions and the good thing is no one really gives a toss what they think. Mon the bairns.
  2. Will that be the same ones that probably still haven’t subscribed to the FSS?
  3. I don’t know a thing about the clubs financial situation, but why is anyone surprised if it is worse than we thought! It’s not like we weren’t warned, but lots of you on here didn’t like it when the directors told it like it was. If you feel strongly enough to post on here then surly you’d want the club to be successful/survive. I read some posters on here taking an FSS membership, then cancelling it after a bad result, then taking it back out again after a good result. Furfucksake!
  4. Well we can’t say we weren’t warned if we end up in trouble with the bank. These guys running the club didn’t get us in this position remember, they’re working day and night to get us out of it but they can’t do it on their own.
  5. Does that not make you sick to your stomach that there’s even one so called fan that “wishes ill or failure” on anything to do with FFC?
  6. I know he looks like he’s pulling a tractor with a plough but that’s a bit much.
  7. January, he’ll be lucky to get past our pre season friendly games with some of the clowns on here.
  8. If they get rid of him I’ll still go to every single game I can, if they keep him I’ll still go to every single game I can. I can see why there are people that will be pissed off and go and visit the garden centre but that’s not for me. This is honestly not a dig at you personally, but if the people on here do decide to stop going, please boycott this forum too so we can make it good again and not like OneF.
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