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  1. This game is garbage but I'm still playing it. 18-2 last weekend in champs. Currently 11-1 this week. Still can't master doing player lock. Too old and slow.
  2. I must have must all the decent evos for centre backs! Trying to just use the free ones though.
  3. Missed the free Messi SBC unfortunately. Got this from a random 83+ player pick though.
  4. I've done Bruno Fernandes and Paulo Maldini SBCs with all the fodder I gathered over the past few days. Packed Bernardo Silva TOTY HM last night. Stuck him in the squad as was using his other 91 card tradable anyway. Only notable thing packed was Riquelme who is literally discard price at 66k.
  5. Never got one in a thousand odd packs. 600 saved and 400ish upgrades. Seething.
  6. Full TOTY out tonight. I'll be back on in a couple if days to moan when I get absolutely nothing.
  7. Scottish team coming on a treat too.
  8. Up to 450ish. Never played champs last weekend and just been doing a couple of evos the past week or so. Could have been much more. Think I have slightly more than last year when I never got any! Woukd be happy with a single outfield player from either team tbh.
  9. Anything with two or more gold rares in. Its an arbitrary number but it means I can open the lesser packs to keep a supply of cards in the club for sbcs. Probs get nothing but worth a punt.
  10. My traditional pack save for TOTY got underway at the start of December and just ticked over 150 packs saved. Never packed one last year so not doing it again if I don't get one this year again. Managed 16 wins in champs this weekend at the ripe old age of 34 with my "main" team.
  11. Finished 11/4 in champs this weekend and gave the rest away. Game is a bit more enjoyable now that 71 depth madness was patched. Gave up with champs and rivals for a couple of weeks as the gameplay was so terrible. Evolutions have been fun though. Scottish squad is coming along nicely.
  12. Er, are icons easier to pack this year as I've just packed my second one from hybrid leagues!?
  13. Kicked the arse out of this for the past couple of days. Feels a lot slower this year but I'm enjoying it. Like the fact that defending is a bit of a challenge but I'm sure they'll patch that to the same old AI assisted nonsense come the first patch. Completed the moments milestone thing for a 100k pack and pulled an icon. Hes garbage like but a rare treat to pull one from a normal pack.
  14. robosaintee

    Fifa 23

    I've started playing again after a couple of weeks away from the game but quite enjoying it. Did that MLS thing in friendlies which was quite fun and went 4-0 in champs qualifiers. Still using untradables and just started using all my loans. 4.2 million sitting but not really got any urge to spend it as quite enjoying using the stuff I have in the club. Got pages of special cards and loans that I've never used and always hate putting them in sbcs.
  15. robosaintee

    Fifa 23

    I ended up selling all my tradable players as all the prices had gone up massively. I bought TOTY Bellingham for 1.7 million and he was up to 2.3 million so cashed out. Al Owairan went up about 200k, OTW De Light was up 100k and Honourable mentions Davies was up about 50k from where I bought him. Busy the next couple of weeks so I just sold it all and will see where the prices are and build another team.
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