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  1. Aberdeen played in Finland, snow covered the pitch and a temp of -9C!
  2. How is the pitch looking? Anyone any ideas.
  3. Weather for the weekend looks grim. Not much chance of a game at CP.
  4. You are correct, it wasn't an impressive display from Caley. We showed them too much respect. They did score one good goal though. 10/10 for the Cowden fans though, you would have thought they were the home team.
  5. Caley fans well known for not backing their players. Even with several thousand there little or no noise. Weird.
  6. We could have (should have) got a result here we played very well. Pity Zac wasn't playing up front he could have done some damage.
  7. Wrap up well guys, it's going to be Baltic.
  8. It's on YouTube "Saint&Greavsie Cowdenbeath 91/92". Hadn't seen it before, those were the days.
  9. What a weird game. Not much in it for the first 20-25 mins. After we scored they fell apart. Some cracking goals. Second half it was one way traffic. Looked like we would score every time we attacked. What is Zac doing at RB? What a waste.
  10. Surprised at Walker too, one of our better players. We need a 7ft centre half!
  11. Aye, backwards is correct.What's happened to all the good football we were producing at the start of the season?
  12. We just aren't the team we were a few weeks back. Relying on long punts and hoping for the opposing defenders make mistakes. Any news on Douggie Hill?
  13. Never realised that the lad's leg is broken that's a real shame. Hope he recovers quickly.
  14. I thought the last game against them was a one off but they were just as bad today. Do they really think that referees are that easily influenced? Haven't seen anything like that since we played Cove!
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