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  1. Back in for another season or seaside league mediocrity
  2. And a win over Dandies1983 in the other game, continuing to be his bogey opponent.
  3. 8 and 17 have both been played as far as I can check from my archive with wins for me (markf268) (please someone correct me if I'm wrong!!) 16 now reported as defeat for me, 22 still ongoing and I think we haven't played 19 so sent an invite (again correct me if I'm wrong )
  4. Was already behind, but that blunder was definitely a final straw!
  5. I would assume less to relay as you would only be doing the surface rather than the foundations that were put in.
  6. Pretty sure it ended 9v9 as Airdrie lost a player to injury having used all their subs towards the end.
  7. Similarly, Fife is almost always referred to like it's a town rather than naming where the event actually happened.
  8. One problem with removing the blackout is attendances aren't just going against streaming the game, it's people having simple, legitimate access at home or the pub to Man City/Liverpool/Man Utd games at the same time.
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