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  1. Our game against Glenafton is in 2 weeks, so this cup could go on to the end of May. Only 1 league game left against Darvel, but they still have loads of games left to make up.
  2. Evans last played for Sheffield United though who are third division?
  3. We really need a sharknado; the weather is getting a bit boring now...

  4. I'm 5'9" and he's a midget. Think McIntyre was sitting down when he met him...
  5. It was Allan Moore who didn't know, said that he couldn't remember his name for the life of him.
  6. Completed 100th game, Tiki Towers on my phone.
  7. Got round to completing Monster Island on my phone.
  8. Completed Trivial Pursuit on my phone, and Wordament on both phone and PC (leaderboard achievements are connected).
  9. Wait, wait, wait... are you actually trying to say that someone offered that donkey a full-time contract? Or do you just mean at the call centre?
  10. Completed Adera [Windows 8] and Roll in the Hole [WP7].
  11. Completed Monster Island on Windows 8. Cool wee free game.
  12. Completed Fruit Ninja for Windows 8.
  13. Completed Angry Birds Star Wars
  14. ABCs is dreadful, I think there were three videos that were passable... I got a DVDrip copy, it's been out for months, so subtitle files shouldn't be needed!
  15. Sonic the Fighters took about ten minutes, now I see why it was reduced to 160 MSP.
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