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  1. That's the one I'm maybe thinking of, certainly around that time period
  2. Hmm maybe although last year it was the piping that was pink on the training wear. We surely can't have a black away kit this time? I'm trying to think, have we ever had a purple away kit? I vaguely remember the checkered away kit having purple in it?
  3. That's a bit of a blow he's a very good player we were interested in. Excellent signing for Raith.
  4. If there was any doubt about Andy chucking it this year today should seal it. Sad to see him lose to players who never will be near the level he was
  5. Beeb and others reporting that Alan Hansen is seriously ill in hospital
  6. Cos Falkirk are absolutely massive. They could charge £1000 per visiting fan and Falkirk would still exceed the number of tickets allocated. In fact Falkirk are such a well supported club that all home fans should give up their allocation to meet the demand for Falkirk tickets it's only fair.
  7. If we're hopeful of signing Byrne I'm not sure I expect us to sign another centre back. We already have O'Riley, McBeth, Was and Aero. If we sign both Chalmers and Byrne I think we'd be lucky to get another striker, a right back and a utility defender in before the season started.
  8. Just for comparison, I could take myself and my two kids as patg to firhill, which has a far better atmosphere for £16 less per game compared to NDP. It's not the Accies fans fault and I could afford it but I really don't want to be paying £50 to watch championship football with my kids so I, and I would urge all fellow fans, to avoid NDP until they come to their senses and realise they are mental with their pricing. How many season tickets do accies sell anyway? 300-400? That won't sustain them long, even with Clyde charging £19 patg of which I'm guessing a cut goes to Accies?
  9. Turner is a tremendous signing at championship level. My only very slight concern is that make up of our midfield next season. Turner and Robinson are certs to start when fit, and if the rumours about Byrne are true, then we have Stanway, Mackenzie, bannigan and Crawford all in reserve who will all expect some game time
  10. I happen to know that McBeth was recommended to Ayr at some point, maybe before he went to America, but by whom I don't know. Anyway, their loss is our gain
  11. The way the groups have fallen I'd say there's a very good chance that'll be on tv
  12. But will have to go to meadowbank, which is by far and away the worst match experience in the country
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