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  1. Hope you are right, but I think we might have heard some leaks etc if they had changed their minds.
  2. I have nothing to back it up other than my knowledge of what was said in the meeting. Obviously you are not going to accept that so there we are.
  3. That may well be the case. I can only repeat was said in the meeting I was present for. In any case, you accused me of making something up which I did not. Not everyone is out there making up stuff.
  4. What do I get by making it up? I don’t have anything to back it up other than I was present at an SJFA meeting where Stewart Regan said it. . UEFA threatened financial penalties for nations that didn’t have pyramid structures. You can believe it or not I don’t really care! if the weren’t dragged kicking and screaming why did the SPFL agree to the playoff?
  5. There was no concession. UEFA told the SFA they had to have a pyramid structure and this was the only option the SPFL agreed to. Let's not make it out to be the SPFL doing something for the benefit of the LL & HL, if they hadn't been forced nothing would have changed.
  6. Great news for KRR. glad to see their exile end. I wonder if they are allowed to make money from the tea bar etc on match days as it is run by the charity.
  7. It was the worst kept secret in football that Mick Oliver was going to be the new manager but I had never heard it was agreed that Tony was leaving no matter what. Whatever you think of Tony, it’s poor form for a club to be talking to a new manger while 1 is already in post.
  8. Certainly seems that way. Mick Kennedy made mention that he has another job (or at least hinted) when commenting. Would add credence to the rumour he was pushing him for the role with the Darvel decision makers (at least that was the story I heard might not be true).
  9. A good win for us today. As much as Beith had nothing to play for and made changes they were still a difficult prospect and brought on 3 very good players to try and change it but still felt we had to better of it. Recruitment will need to be better next season if we are to try and bounce back at the 1st attempt. Now for a rather strange 3 week build up to the Junior Cup Final. Can feel the cricket calling!!!
  10. Congrats to Glenafton on securing their survival. League table doesn't lie and we haven't been good enough over the season other some flashes against St Cadocs and Hurlford over the last 2 games.
  11. We aren't talking about changing Saturday games to midweek, we are talking about rearranged games being played well in advance of the end of the season which are getting played in midweek in any case. I 100% agree with you in regard to the start of the season. We could play at least 2/3 rounds of games in august. Personally I dont see it as bad as others do in terms of sporting integrity. Glenafton have had it in their own hands since we could only muster a draw at Loch Park last month. On tonights performance (and the last 4 league games) we seem to have hit some form since the Burgh games but have perhaps left it a bit too late to stay up (hopefully not). Our season will be 1 of missed opportunities and if we go down by a point or GD then we will look back on at least a half dozen games with real regret.
  12. Nobody knows exactly what anyone's exact wage budget is at this level. I cannot understand the fascination with having a lower budget than other clubs around you. Who cares, as long as your own team live within their means what does it matter what there wage budget is? Lots of whatabboutry on here regarding it.
  13. It is owned by Pollok United I believe who have a partnership with Pollok FC but not officially part. Someone will correct me if I am wrong.
  14. I agree, but as we have seen with Broomhill they keep moving around different grounds (3 in 3 completely different areas in their very recent history) not gaining many fans or really having a long term plan for a ground in a community (you could argue they have lost their community connection with their fall out with BSC). I don't have a problem with ground sharing with a club from the same town/area, I do have a problem when there is no current plan to move to a ground from the community that you supposed to be based in imo. And I had the same issues with old Rossvale/Caley Loocs when they played out of New Tinto for 1 season.
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