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  1. 14 minutes ago, WHM said:

    I see Inverness never mentioned Samuel,taking Colin Hamilton out, ending his game,for maybe his 6 th bad foul of the game.Also Ryan Dow getting taken out last man challenge, heading the ball past the last Inverness defender,into the box,then get s wiped out,but somehow useless Kevin Clancy the only person in the ground who see s it as a fair tackle,never got near the ball.

    Nope, never seen any of that, absolutely contemptible 

  2. 52 minutes ago, 36-0 Maroon said:

    Dunfermline, Arbroath, Queens Park & Airdrie in a battle for who finishes 9th 🇱🇻⚽💪🔥

    Inverness are absolutely smelly 💩💩💩 Wouldn’t be surprised to see them go straight down, Between having an injury ravaged squad with no quality, Facing Administration and Big Dunc losing the plot   as standard (Move abject failure ahead for the big man) Biggest Tinpot full time club going imo.

    After their nonsense on X, Caley can gtf

  3. 2 hours ago, RedLichtie86 said:

    The quasi-hybrid system was just 1 of many failings over the past 2 years. Ford and Bakare were simply stop gaps due to 5 sub rule coming in. Not some sort of momey making scheme.

    Things that we have failed to do........

    1. Poor scouting of trialists.

    2. Previous management dismissing players in L1 and L2 as not good enough to play for us.

    3. Lack of cover for key players and areas. Refusal to even consider it. hence starting the season with 3 fit defenders.

    4. Limiting ourselves to 20 players and having so many central midfielders that the sqaud becomes unbalanced

    Plus many more failings.

    There was also a weakness at board level, I know Campbell said he would walk if he sensed board interference, they possibly should have tested this, either with the obvious lack of defensive cover, his obsession with small centre mids or the decision to re-sign Jacobs

  4. 12 hours ago, Fitbafan36 said:

    If we are to go down - seems likely but we can dream - I just hope we go down swinging a little bit. 
    I feel like it’s been years since I seen us play two strikers and a right winger. We don’t have much of a plan going forward ever if the big punt doesn’t work. 
    Very frustrating but you can tell when we went 1 up that it’s a team who doesn’t have a lot of confidence. 

    I understand the criticism of Robinson but half the long balls to him weren’t within 30 yards of him so was always going to be up against it. 




    Nobody plays 2 up top, nobody, most teams play with a man in between, making a five, anyone who thinks we can play 2 up, with the central midfielders we have, is certifiable, tbf

    we actually do have a wide right player, unfortunately, he was playing at centre half yesterday

    The decision to play Robinson was interesting, to begin with, but turned out to be a disaster, I don’t see what some see in him, not championship standard, also he is not alone

    Was concerned about our January signings, no sure any of them are better, than what we already had 

  5. 3 minutes ago, edinburghhonestman said:

    Sadly, I think Arbroath will run out of games, despite getting players back, and will go down automatically.

    I think the 9th placed team will come from either Dunfermline or ICT. Dunfermline are on a poor run with injuries affecting them and they need to start getting results soon. ICT seem to struggle to score goals and that could cost them.

    I think us and Queens Park will start to pull away from those two.

    Irrespective, I think either the Pars or ICT will have too much in the playoffs for whoever from League One.

    We are not down yet, but think you are correct we are running out of games, so me thinks the fat lady is probably warming up the manukau honey

  6. 8 hours ago, SimonLichtie said:

    How did they force them though? It cant be implemented in the contract, so surely it'd come down to 'if you don't play him, we won't loan you other players/ will recall him in the window' type thing

    scout told the manager, to leave the player out, went against the loan agreement, which stipulated the player must start, the team made a substitution after about 5 minutes and on trotted the loanee 

  7. 1 hour ago, SimonLichtie said:

    A fairly primary school playground response to this, but what are they gonna do if we don't play him?! Make us?! :D

    I expect the most likely situation is there are two wage percentages in his loan agreement. One that we pay if he plays for us, and one that we pay if he doesn't. Essentially the 'punishment' for not playing Boruc would be that we have to pay a higher percentage of his wage in the weeks we play games and he doesn't. Quite simply they cant make us play him, and if the manager thinks we have a better option in goal then he can, should and I expect will go with it.

    There is of course also the bigger picture - if we take a player on loan, tell his parent club he's almost definitely gonna play, and then bench him quickly after his signing for no real reason, don't expect that club or manager to be loaning you players for a few years afterwards.... 

    I'm happy enough with Boruc and have no issues with his performances so far. I don't think his kicking has particuarly cost us/ hampered us in any games despite it being an obvious weak spot for him and I think the other parts of his game seem to be at the required level.

    Heard a story years ago, that a premier league club forced a club to burn a subby, to get a loan player into the starting line up, after their player was named on the bench 

  8. 10 hours ago, relichtie said:

    Pars have signed Chris Kane on loan from St Johnstone. The loan market is still open till end of February I think. We should be trying to utilise it imo. 

    Need to get some out first 

    9 hours ago, WHM said:

    Stevie May not even getting into the match day squads just now at St Johnstone.

    Get him in

  9. 6 hours ago, Lichteeeeee said:

    Ave spoke to Hammy, someone did do a big dirty groger on his reebok jacket

    A wasnt a big DC fan,  but some of our fans need put on a leash, i bet it was someone from Pie and Bovril who done it, they were calling him a fat bas and all that too, and i swear the guy shouting ya fat bas has had more cholesterol than the whole of the spartans crowd put together.

    As someone who has been spat on, it’s a disgusting, cowardly assault, and it’s an assault, the sheriff at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, said so, when he gave the perpetrator 30days, so if this happened it’s time to name and shame

  10. 1 hour ago, 36-0 Maroon said:

    Well said mate 🇱🇻⚽🔥💪

    Let’s just get our Key players back and give it all we have got. I honestly don’t care about anyone else or what they are doing. Let’s just focus on ourselves and get back to what we are best at and see where it takes 

    3 hours ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    I honestly do not care. 

    Just looking forward to seeing some normality again and us having a decent team on the park again and enjoyable Saturdays more often than not


    Dont care if that’s Championship or League 1. Maybe League 1 will ground us a wee bit cause I feel like we’ve lost a wee bit of what made us so successful 


    Still by far the biggest and best part time club - get back to that 


    No time for players to play themselves back in, need to be firing from the off

  11. 4 hours ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    Looking like yet another failure from McIntyre.

    Surprise surprise.

    Thank you.


    4 hours ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

    Thank you, just think you could've done better than him.

    Thought Dundee had a terrific win yesterday, in fact having a fine season, Tony Doc, appears to have been an inspired appointment, seems to be a lot of positives around Dens Park just now, they are sleeping giants, maybe possibly a slight awakening happening, after many false dawns, so with all this, why the f**k, are you still obsessing about McIntyre

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