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  1. 2 hours ago, North Terrace Gazza said:

    If you are really serious about being a permanent fixture in the championship then FT football is a must. Tarting up the stadium just isn’t enough. I appreciate that you have energised the locals and increased your fan base but to go to that next level full time was required.

    50 years ago they’re was barely a full time team in Scotland, part time teams including yourselves competed at the highest level of the Scottish game, is the quality better now, than it was then, absolutely not, we’re the attendances higher, yes probably, so am not convinced that being full time, has a jot of difference

  2. 4 minutes ago, kentish said:

    I'd just like one win, fact is literally three wins  isn't it in 6 months. By any standards and yardstick that is grim. Let's re group I for one would rather have a decent campaign in div 1 than this.

    Than the last two campaigns, surely 

    I thought it would be unlikely we got less points than last season, now it highly likely 

  3. 2 minutes ago, RedLichtie86 said:

    Damage was done in the summer 2022 transfer window onwards.

    The club failed to build upon a strong squad with the prizemoney we had earned for finishing 2nd (+£400k).

    Brought players such as Corfe, Fosu, Isiaka in that all will agree were nowhere remotely good enough.

    Brought in more in the January. Some ok. Some more of the same shite. Just survived by the skin of our teeth.

    And then start of this season we go in with no LB, 3 fit defenders, No DM's, No creative players and more signings that are clearly not up to the task.

    Jim McIntyre has had the 1 transfer window to fix 3 windows worth of squad regression. But went into that window with a huge injury crisis, a tired team that had played 5 games in 4 weeks and only been in the job a month.

    Hardly any time to prep or evaluate the team fully having just played United with 1 defender who has a broken toe and with outfield subs.... Obviously his main priority was getting defensive players in. Plus the loss of Hylton reduced our attacking options. He ends up bringing in some players who are not fully fit and having to throw them straight in only to have more injuries in the first game or 2 of the window opening. Back to square one. And club budget didnt allow for wholesale changes to the squad with players not wanting to leave or join. We were left to piss with the cock we got.

    Now he has had the time to get players back from injury and training but its clear to see the squad still has the same issues as at the start of this season. Lack of creativity. No capable defensive midfielders. Defence not up to the task with experienced players such as ToB and Little nowhere near their 21/22 high.

    Jim has had very bad results. And thats not good enough under normal circumstances. But the squad he has is clearly not up the task of performing week in week out.

    I do feel he has to be given the chance to make wholesale changes in the summer. We have 6/7 players signed for next season so he will have a big task to rebuild it the way he wants anyways. And the club needs to back him to get it right. There has probably been players identified/contacted about playing for us next season already when their contracts end but not knowing what division that is nothing is set in stone yet.

    Another new manager would have to start all that again which could be a bigger clusterfuck than the summer 22 transfer window.

    This season has been a clusterfuck with poor recruitment, injury after injury, tactical mistakes and shite performances.. Doubt sacking Jim will change any of that.

    You cannot trust McIntyre with the rebuild, absolutely not, would like to think, he will be sacked before the weekend is out, we have got this wrong, we move on #Mcintyreout 

  4. Just now, ellichtie said:

    McIntyre out.

    I think his appointment was on the back of the doing we got in Malcolm’s one in charge, recruitment has been, not of the desired quality, it was obvious to everyone we needed a “b*****d” in centre mid, and he didn’t sign one, it appears the obsessed Dundee supporters, were 100% right about him

  5. 7 hours ago, lichtie23 said:

    I think TOB has 3 years left on his current deal.

    Iv heard from a few folk Hammy away at the end of the season and Bayview his likely destination. A cracking servant but hasn’t been the same player since coming back from injury this season. 

    Wouldn’t be surprised if McKenna, Stewart, Hammy and Goldie end up at Methil, they love a bit of Dick 

  6. 6 hours ago, timlichtie said:

    The win on Friday was more about the mind game than the physical performance. It was the attitude from Ricky, Gats and Mikey McKenna that picked us up and kept the youngsters going. If we’re playing League 1 next season then these are the guys you want at the core of your team.

    When we got back into the game, it was almost vintage Ricky

  7. On 02/03/2024 at 12:46, HoBNob said:

    I think this must play into some Arbroath fans minds when they get so defensive about people pointing out the weather. For Gayfield, last night wasn't at all severe, they'll be able to think of multiple games where it has been more windy. 


    That doesn't mean it wasn't windy though. 

    The wind thing annoys me, we don’t train there, but we do play there 25 times a season at least, but no matter the who has been manager, we never make an advantage of it

    Also the wind rarely blows in off the sea, we get the same direction of wind, they get at the golf at Carnoustie, blow’s kinda from the south over pleasureland, we on occasions get it blowing from the north, from the town, but what we had on Friday was blowing in over the main stand, can probably count on the fingers of one hand, how often that’s occurred in the last 50yrs

    it was windy on Friday, but too often managers in the past of used the conditions as an excuse to cover up a poor performance by their team

    the reason we get touchy about everyone making a thing about the wind is, it’s just plain lazy, the way they constantly bang on about, makes you believe, it’s the only place in Scotland to get wind, when we knows that’s not true, the amount of wind turbines we have, confirms that

  8. 1 hour ago, ExiledLichtie said:

    It is interesting that some of the same fans who were insisting that we stop taking unproven punts and sign proven players from the lower leagues (no argument from me) are in favour of taking a punt on an inexperienced loan player.

    We signed laddies, when we needed men

  9. 2 hours ago, RedLichtie86 said:

    Anyone travelling to the game allow for plenty of time. The road works on the main road coming in are a long wait. especially if there is a big influx of cars at the same time.

    Either wait in the traffic, turn off for Arbirlot or take the Carnoustie/Muridrum turn off and take the back roads in via Carmylie and/or Redford (A little bit out the way but better than being late to the game). Also trying to get back via the main road will be a nightmare so again back roads to Carnoustie is much easier and quicker. 

    Lights on East Muirlands Rd and Arbirlot Rd West, it’s a no great coming in from that side

  10. 1 hour ago, Tattie36 said:

    Undoubtably the defensive situation has played a major part in our downfall but that can’t be blamed for the fact that we’ve only scored 2 goals in 2024.

    We have absolutely zero creativity, absolutely none, team looks lost, as does the manager

  11. 20 minutes ago, Stephen Malkmus said:

    Your club have somehow contrived to charge me £80 for a stream that didn't even work at the weekend. This result is the least you deserve. Also, I will be suing Arbroath FC into oblivion if my money isn't returned by sundown tomorrow.

    They’ll maybe reimburse you, the first time you come to Gayfield next season

  12. 5 minutes ago, ellichtie said:

    Potentially the most pathetic performance we’ve had in years. A must win and we shat it. McIntyre never the man, squad needs a total purge. All his signing bar Teale are shocking.

    Absolutely this, we cannot give him the summer to rebuild for next season, we are down

  13. The board have to accept the appointment of MacIntyre now looks like a mistake, would be interested who were the other candidates were 

    1 hour ago, Ludo*1 said:

    McIntyre was never the guy.

    look you guys are having a terrific season, Tony Doc, looks like an inspired choice, whatever he is doing, his players have bought into, now f**k off back to your own league and leave us to our misery, ta

  14. 14 minutes ago, WHM said:

    I see Inverness never mentioned Samuel,taking Colin Hamilton out, ending his game,for maybe his 6 th bad foul of the game.Also Ryan Dow getting taken out last man challenge, heading the ball past the last Inverness defender,into the box,then get s wiped out,but somehow useless Kevin Clancy the only person in the ground who see s it as a fair tackle,never got near the ball.

    Nope, never seen any of that, absolutely contemptible 

  15. 52 minutes ago, 36-0 Maroon said:

    Dunfermline, Arbroath, Queens Park & Airdrie in a battle for who finishes 9th 🇱🇻⚽💪🔥

    Inverness are absolutely smelly 💩💩💩 Wouldn’t be surprised to see them go straight down, Between having an injury ravaged squad with no quality, Facing Administration and Big Dunc losing the plot   as standard (Move abject failure ahead for the big man) Biggest Tinpot full time club going imo.

    After their nonsense on X, Caley can gtf

  16. 2 hours ago, RedLichtie86 said:

    The quasi-hybrid system was just 1 of many failings over the past 2 years. Ford and Bakare were simply stop gaps due to 5 sub rule coming in. Not some sort of momey making scheme.

    Things that we have failed to do........

    1. Poor scouting of trialists.

    2. Previous management dismissing players in L1 and L2 as not good enough to play for us.

    3. Lack of cover for key players and areas. Refusal to even consider it. hence starting the season with 3 fit defenders.

    4. Limiting ourselves to 20 players and having so many central midfielders that the sqaud becomes unbalanced

    Plus many more failings.

    There was also a weakness at board level, I know Campbell said he would walk if he sensed board interference, they possibly should have tested this, either with the obvious lack of defensive cover, his obsession with small centre mids or the decision to re-sign Jacobs

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