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  1. 20 minutes ago, Hayshead2 said:

    I agree 100% the problems with the back 4 have been horrendous for multiple reasons. BUT!!!!! also we have played the whole season without any proper holding/defensive centre midfielders, this has also been a massive problem and needs to be addressed.

    This isn’t a new problem, this has been the case for the last 2 seasons, Campbell said this was the position Jacobs was signed to play, McIntyre did nothing about this either 

  2. 11 hours ago, RedLichtie86 said:

    Watched the highlights this morning. 

    1st goal was a great hit. Stewart inches away from getting the ball but misses. Defending just not good enough with players quite static.

    2nd goal. Great freekick. Gaston unlucky. Its just one of those shots that was hit with enough power and curl that it squeezes in.

    3rd goal. Dunfermline player doesnt waste much time whipping the ball back into the box, Gold just not quick enough to close him down and caught out by the quick hit. Dunfermline had done something similar on the 30 min mark which we were lucky to clear. Ball whipped in with pace and dip that is very hard to judge as its behind the defence and dipping too quick for keeper to come and rush for.


    Those 3 goals killed the game for us. We did threaten in the first half and the game was closer than the scoreline suggested.

    Tactically we were setup 4-4-1-1 which was probably right. We could have went with Bird up top, McIntosh on the wing (R or L) and put Stewart to RB in place of Walker. But would have left practically nothing on the bench to come on to change things.

    To me McKenna was a mixed bag. Not as much drive and touch was poor at times and corners were good and bad in the first half. A lot better in the 2nd half with the corners leading to the 2 goals. Now to him coming off....... and fans not happy.


    At that moment Gold had to come off injured with Slater set come on. Its 3-2 and fans have been moaning to get 2 up top. Now McIntyre could just make the 1 sub or bring on the extra attacker aswell. Will have to change the formation to accomodate going 2 up top so someone has to go off. Fans saying it should have been MacKinnon off but Jim would have been reluctant to replace both CM players with Slater on and McKenna dropping back. MacKinnon would have been training and instructed to know what to do in that role.


    So going from 4-4-1-1 to 4-4-2 was much simpler by replacing McKenna and Gold with Bird and Slater. Keeps better continuity in the midfield but adding more firepower up top and Slater could take the set pieces (I know, not as good). Leaving Jim 1 more time to make 2 more subs if needed (Later Dow for Stowe). Purely a tactical change. If Gold had not come off injured MacKinnon for Bird and McKenna dropping back to CM might have happened.


    In the end we left too much to do in the 2nd half. Dont think for the most part the tactics or subs were wrong either.

    Most of this is correct, but I disagree about the 2nd goal, thought Gaston was to far across his goal, the free kick was far enough out, for the ball to go over the wall and come down again, which it did

  3. 1 minute ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    I would want to give him an actual shot at it though. McCabe at Airdrie. Andy Graham at Alloa. Michael Tidser at Kelty. Peter Murphy at Annan. Jordon Brown at Peterhead. 

    It’s happened quite a lot recently and on the whole from the above they have all done pretty well 

    This depends on whether Goldie has the time, due to his other commitments, although being our manager is a part time post, technically, in reality it isn’t 

  4. 1 minute ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    Dunno if people are taking the piss but there’s a wee bit of something in my head that makes Gold feel like a no bad shout. Seen it quite a lot now and teams have done ok or very well in Airdries cass. I’d be much more confident of Scotty Stewart and McKenna signing on and others. I’m not expecting amazing things next season it’s going to be a rebuilding job - I think he’d maybe do quite well and have the backing of the whole club and the fans and the pressure wouldn’t come too quickly either if things weren’t the best like it maybe would be with someone else.



    It’s the feel good thing to do, we are doomed, let’s enjoy the last few games, Goldie and Swanks and Garden, to see the season out, if it’s only going to take two months wages to get rid of MacIntyre and Boyle, get this done

  5. 12 hours ago, Housecaptain said:

    Does anyone on here think McIntyre will walk of his own volition at the end of the season if things don't improve? 

    Heard yesterday if he’s sacked, he will only get two months wages, so he probably won’t walk, but doesn’t seem to be to large a cost to bin him

  6. 12 minutes ago, Nat Weederburn said:

    Outstanding in the first half, composed and looked threating in attack. Can't believe the performance in the second half, just thankful we can take the 3 points and move on.

    Officials were utterly honking as well, numerous poor decisions throughout the game on both sides, finished with the laughable amount of added time at the end out of nowhere 

    Chris Kane and the keeper, that’s where the time came from

  7. 32 minutes ago, ExiledLichtie said:

    None of that matters.  The circumstances do not matter.  I absolutely agree that he has been dealt the worst possible hand, but that changes nothing.  It doesn't matter what the circumstances were, what matters is that he had 2/3rds of a season and lost most of his games.  And just to repeat, it doesn't matter what the reasons are.  I agree its not his fault, and likely nothing would have stopped us being relegated.  I don't think relegation is any reflection on him as a manager, but that doesn't matter.  What matters is that we need a fresh start.

    Not sure how old you are, but are you old enough to remember the John Brownlie time?  You could make a damn good argument that relegation was not Brownlie's fault.  The club had older players, we spent every penny we had and then some more making the club division 1 worthy, and the players we ended up with were absolutely dismal.  But we kept faith with Brownlie.  And it was a disaster.  We then went with Steve Kirk for continuity, but that's another story. 

    Surely we cannot go into a brand new season with a manager tainted, however unfairly, by the disaster of the previous season.  He's got to go for that alone.  

    This 100%, we cannot go into next season with this manager

  8. 1 hour ago, TASC_1878 said:

    387 Lichtie Apperances
    2 League Winners Medals
    36,000 header’s won
    An All Time Lichtie Legend

    Have a wonderful testimonial dinner tonight. You deserve it for your dedication to our club! 

    Sir Ricky Little 🇱🇻


    Moved into 4th place on our appearances list on his own yesterday, club legend 👏👏👏

  9. 1 hour ago, keptie said:

    Not surprised Bird was hooked, he doesn't look interested and spends his time falling down for no reason looking for free kicks. He clearly doesn't want to be here. As for the game we were ok in the first half bar the Gaston gaff resulting in another lost soft goal but the defender didn't cover himself in glory either but we never really done much second half. McIntyre should be given a fair crack of the whip which he won't get till next season

    Have certain amount of sympathy for Bird, had to play every minute of nearly every game, during the injury crisis, playing up on his own, up against both centre halves, knowing he wasn’t going to get any support, then gets replaced by Kyle “fucking” Robinson, easily the worst centre forward I have ever seen, comes on against Raith changes the game, quite rightly gets back in the team, to play up on his own up against both centre halves, knowing he wasn’t going to get any support, you see the problem here, yes

    No, he he’s doesn’t deserve to take us into next season #McIntyreout

    21 minutes ago, Anotherlichtie said:

    I think I know who and what you are on about. And I seen it back I. November. Happy to name him as well if I’m not hammered by a backlash 

    name him

  10. 3 hours ago, ExiledLichtie said:

    I agree with this.  Fitness has seldom been an issue for us.  I mind Dick discussing how as he only had part time players, his focus was on getting the players as fit as possible and having a shape to follow.  On the other hand, with daily training, full time players will be able to watch videos of our past games, study our tactics, come up with a detailed game plan, and work on some match specific tactics, along with their usual fitness training.  On the day of a midweek match, they'll have the players all day, they'll be able to have a nice team meal, do some light work (if its felt necessary) or whatever it is that managers choose to do, to make sure they are fully prepared.  Meanwhile, our part time players may have just worked a shift and driven to the match after a full day.  Stuff like that makes a difference.


    We weren’t as fit this season as we’ve been, but our sports science guy moved to Dundee, leaving us with no one until it was too late

  11. 18 hours ago, moses1924 said:

    Havinf seen them all a few times think ICT are the least likely to get the wins they need so would think they will be 9th, I think they'll win the playoff though. 

    No to sure about that, think it depends on form going into them, none of the teams in the top 4 of L2, are going to be frightened of whoever finishes 9th, if they are on a poor run

  12. 1 hour ago, Tattie36 said:

    That’s a quite bizarre comparison.

    Look at the Scottish leagues - aside form Cove and Falkirk (who will be in the Championship next season) and us (who will be in L1 next season), all the full-time teams in Scotland are in the top 2 divisions, not sure if QOTS are still FT. That’s not by accident. Would Ross County and Livi for example be premiership teams if they were part-time? Not a chance in hell.

    Yes there will always be part-time teams that have a cameo in the Championship  (us, Stirling, Brechin, Cowden, Dumbarton, Alloa etc in recent years) but to stay there and be an established 1st/2nd tier club then you simply have to be full-time.

    Many clubs won’t want to be full-time and are happy to dot around the leagues but the days of part-time teams in the top tier are ancient history.

    If teams had remained part time, they’re would probably be part time teams in the top flight now, all these clubs who have become full time, you’re not convincing me they are any better for it

    If all we have is, our clubs being more professionally run and better pitches am no sure it’s been worth it


  13. 19 minutes ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    Maybe in your opinion it hasn’t but you cannot deny that the vast majority of players who are good enough to and want to play at this level want to be in a FT environment and live a FT lifestyle, that only is massively beneficial to everyone except us in the league

    100% agree, but my main point, I doubt that the money spent over the years on clubs being full time, has not brought a massive increase in success 

  14. 11 minutes ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    Standards at FT now, especially in terms of player fitness and physicality, will be a million times higher than they were 50 years ago.


    Also it doesn’t really matter. Majority of players who are capable of and want to play at this level want to be in a FT environment, like I said earlier every other club in the division is at a huge advantage simply down to the fact they have a massive pool of players to pick from compared to us, who can only compete if we get a large amount of the best PT players in the country to the club 

    Levels of fitness is that it


    6 minutes ago, A Diamond For Me said:

    It's immeasurably better.   Even in the time Airdrie were in League 1 before this season you could see an immense improvement, never mind over the last twenty years or before then.  Coachins is much better, fitness and training are much better, the playing surfaces are much better, skillful players get protection from the old-school cloggers.  There's a lot to miss about football as it once was, but the idea that guys running up and down some sand dunes in between their 19th and 20th fags of the day, training without a ball because the manager thinks it'll make them hungrier for it on Saturday, getting booted from pillar to post while wading through the mud and nursing a hangover were playing a better standard of football than we have now is nonsense.   Even without the basic professionalism that is streets ahead at small clubs than it used to be at much bigger ones, things like specialist coaches for goalkeepers, video analysis of goals lost at the weekend, - all these things are new. 
    Like I say, there's a lot of things to miss about the guid auld days, but the general standard of play is surely not among them.


    It may be more professional off the the park, but I am not convinced the quality on the  field has improved 

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