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  1. 9 minutes ago, TheScarf said:

    I wouldn't say anyone here is fragile. Just simply responding to a clearly made up comment. 

    Not made up, I’ve been saying since the Caley game at Gayfield, whoever finishes 9th, probably Caley to be fair, as you lot have to play us, and we’re on the beach, will come down with us, sticking to that

  2. 58 minutes ago, CityDave94 said:

    That's any concern of automatic relegation dismissed, now a huge game next weekend against Queen's Park. Pressure on them.

    Our record against Arbroath is this season = 2 wins each and a draw, last season it was 2 in our favour and two draws, 21/22 was 2 wins to us and 1 to them, the three others were draws, 20/21 was 2 wins to us and a draw, 19/20 was 1 win for us and 2 wins for them.

    ICT - 9 wins, 5 defeats and 7 draws against Arbroath since both teams were in the Championship at the same time, including cup and playoffs.

    Might as well -

    Against Accies, last season probably cost us a playoff place as we lost 3 games against them and won once. Also one lost in the Challenge Cup to top it off, 21/22 it was 1 for us, 2 for Accies and a draw. Overall its 13 wins for Accies and 12 for us in all competition, 6 draws.

    I also notice we haven't beaten Alloa in 5 games with them winning 2 and 3 draws, last win for us was in the Scottish Cup on the 18th Jan 2020.

    Cove have only beaten us once, in the League Cup, but as we are familiar with over the last couple of seasons we are pretty good at undoing any historical hoodoos we have over other teams while still maintaining our own.


    Montrose, see Michael Gardyne.

    If we can't beat Queen's Park next week should we start worrying?

    Spoke to a Montrose fan a couple of weeks ago, he made the point, that none of Cove , Alloa, Montrose or Hamilton will be frightened if they had to play Caley or QP

  3. On 03/04/2024 at 10:52, SandyCromarty said:

    Unfortunately you fell victim to the Scottish Managers Merry go Round, a playground item containing managerial jobbers living on salaries from managing and gardening leave, it works for them.

    Then consider our situation!!!!!!!

    Think our board got spooked by Stuart Malcolm’s one game in charge, a doing at Dunfermline, then rushed the appointment 

  4. 14 hours ago, Aufc said:

    Shoukd have been about 4-5. Airdrie actually played some decent football considering we rested a few players. 

    Arbroath were absolutely terrible. Genuinely zero football played by them. The penalty wasn’t a penalty and the free kick for the goal wasn’t a free kick. 


    32 minutes ago, Aufc said:

    What about the Arbroath players diving for the penalty and also the free kick for the goal. Guessing that is what they have been practising in training rather than passing

    Jesus wept, the absolute  nick of this, you won the game, you’ve had a terrific season, but they’re is enough so called “billy big boys” in this league, without adding too it, so behave yourself

  5. 2 minutes ago, D'Jaffo said:

    I never claimed to have any evidence and have acknowledged it’s pure speculation. It is however absolute nonsense that a football club cannot afford to part ways with a manager. I was simply using that as a theory as to how they could get rid of McIntyre.

    I don’t see how it’s an absurd suggestion that he’d take over Arbroath with a similar clause in his contract. He’ll still be collecting a decent-ish wage and if he had managed to keep them up then he’d get a bit of credit in the bank and he’s still manager of a Championship team.

    It may well all be horseshit but it’s a more sensible theory than gormless fans going about claiming a club cannot afford to sack a member of staff. 

    We can dispense of McIntyre, by paying him 2 months salary, apparently 

  6. 20 minutes ago, Hayshead2 said:

    I agree 100% the problems with the back 4 have been horrendous for multiple reasons. BUT!!!!! also we have played the whole season without any proper holding/defensive centre midfielders, this has also been a massive problem and needs to be addressed.

    This isn’t a new problem, this has been the case for the last 2 seasons, Campbell said this was the position Jacobs was signed to play, McIntyre did nothing about this either 

  7. 11 hours ago, RedLichtie86 said:

    Watched the highlights this morning. 

    1st goal was a great hit. Stewart inches away from getting the ball but misses. Defending just not good enough with players quite static.

    2nd goal. Great freekick. Gaston unlucky. Its just one of those shots that was hit with enough power and curl that it squeezes in.

    3rd goal. Dunfermline player doesnt waste much time whipping the ball back into the box, Gold just not quick enough to close him down and caught out by the quick hit. Dunfermline had done something similar on the 30 min mark which we were lucky to clear. Ball whipped in with pace and dip that is very hard to judge as its behind the defence and dipping too quick for keeper to come and rush for.


    Those 3 goals killed the game for us. We did threaten in the first half and the game was closer than the scoreline suggested.

    Tactically we were setup 4-4-1-1 which was probably right. We could have went with Bird up top, McIntosh on the wing (R or L) and put Stewart to RB in place of Walker. But would have left practically nothing on the bench to come on to change things.

    To me McKenna was a mixed bag. Not as much drive and touch was poor at times and corners were good and bad in the first half. A lot better in the 2nd half with the corners leading to the 2 goals. Now to him coming off....... and fans not happy.


    At that moment Gold had to come off injured with Slater set come on. Its 3-2 and fans have been moaning to get 2 up top. Now McIntyre could just make the 1 sub or bring on the extra attacker aswell. Will have to change the formation to accomodate going 2 up top so someone has to go off. Fans saying it should have been MacKinnon off but Jim would have been reluctant to replace both CM players with Slater on and McKenna dropping back. MacKinnon would have been training and instructed to know what to do in that role.


    So going from 4-4-1-1 to 4-4-2 was much simpler by replacing McKenna and Gold with Bird and Slater. Keeps better continuity in the midfield but adding more firepower up top and Slater could take the set pieces (I know, not as good). Leaving Jim 1 more time to make 2 more subs if needed (Later Dow for Stowe). Purely a tactical change. If Gold had not come off injured MacKinnon for Bird and McKenna dropping back to CM might have happened.


    In the end we left too much to do in the 2nd half. Dont think for the most part the tactics or subs were wrong either.

    Most of this is correct, but I disagree about the 2nd goal, thought Gaston was to far across his goal, the free kick was far enough out, for the ball to go over the wall and come down again, which it did

  8. 1 minute ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    I would want to give him an actual shot at it though. McCabe at Airdrie. Andy Graham at Alloa. Michael Tidser at Kelty. Peter Murphy at Annan. Jordon Brown at Peterhead. 

    It’s happened quite a lot recently and on the whole from the above they have all done pretty well 

    This depends on whether Goldie has the time, due to his other commitments, although being our manager is a part time post, technically, in reality it isn’t 

  9. 1 minute ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    Dunno if people are taking the piss but there’s a wee bit of something in my head that makes Gold feel like a no bad shout. Seen it quite a lot now and teams have done ok or very well in Airdries cass. I’d be much more confident of Scotty Stewart and McKenna signing on and others. I’m not expecting amazing things next season it’s going to be a rebuilding job - I think he’d maybe do quite well and have the backing of the whole club and the fans and the pressure wouldn’t come too quickly either if things weren’t the best like it maybe would be with someone else.



    It’s the feel good thing to do, we are doomed, let’s enjoy the last few games, Goldie and Swanks and Garden, to see the season out, if it’s only going to take two months wages to get rid of MacIntyre and Boyle, get this done

  10. 12 hours ago, Housecaptain said:

    Does anyone on here think McIntyre will walk of his own volition at the end of the season if things don't improve? 

    Heard yesterday if he’s sacked, he will only get two months wages, so he probably won’t walk, but doesn’t seem to be to large a cost to bin him

  11. 12 minutes ago, Nat Weederburn said:

    Outstanding in the first half, composed and looked threating in attack. Can't believe the performance in the second half, just thankful we can take the 3 points and move on.

    Officials were utterly honking as well, numerous poor decisions throughout the game on both sides, finished with the laughable amount of added time at the end out of nowhere 

    Chris Kane and the keeper, that’s where the time came from

  12. 32 minutes ago, ExiledLichtie said:

    None of that matters.  The circumstances do not matter.  I absolutely agree that he has been dealt the worst possible hand, but that changes nothing.  It doesn't matter what the circumstances were, what matters is that he had 2/3rds of a season and lost most of his games.  And just to repeat, it doesn't matter what the reasons are.  I agree its not his fault, and likely nothing would have stopped us being relegated.  I don't think relegation is any reflection on him as a manager, but that doesn't matter.  What matters is that we need a fresh start.

    Not sure how old you are, but are you old enough to remember the John Brownlie time?  You could make a damn good argument that relegation was not Brownlie's fault.  The club had older players, we spent every penny we had and then some more making the club division 1 worthy, and the players we ended up with were absolutely dismal.  But we kept faith with Brownlie.  And it was a disaster.  We then went with Steve Kirk for continuity, but that's another story. 

    Surely we cannot go into a brand new season with a manager tainted, however unfairly, by the disaster of the previous season.  He's got to go for that alone.  

    This 100%, we cannot go into next season with this manager

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