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  1. Jeez this is pretty pathetic from Caley, ref was awful but for them to do this, they can gtf
  2. He is, but no worse than turn up most Saturday, more annoying is the lack of involvement of the assistants
  3. There was also a weakness at board level, I know Campbell said he would walk if he sensed board interference, they possibly should have tested this, either with the obvious lack of defensive cover, his obsession with small centre mids or the decision to re-sign Jacobs
  4. Obviously never seen them yesterday, couldn’t beat us
  5. Nobody plays 2 up top, nobody, most teams play with a man in between, making a five, anyone who thinks we can play 2 up, with the central midfielders we have, is certifiable, tbf we actually do have a wide right player, unfortunately, he was playing at centre half yesterday The decision to play Robinson was interesting, to begin with, but turned out to be a disaster, I don’t see what some see in him, not championship standard, also he is not alone Was concerned about our January signings, no sure any of them are better, than what we already had
  6. Spoke to a Montrose supporter yesterday, who was at Gayfield, if it’s ICT in the playoffs, he couldn’t see them surviving, he said, Hamilton, Alloa, Montrose and 5th place Cove, are all better than ICT
  7. It was absolutely hilarious today, but very much in keeping with the season as a whole
  8. It’s Gretna, then Cove then Brechin tbf cannot believe the vote for Gretna, is so small
  9. If we bring a wide man in, but I suspect he’s going to go with Dow and Stewart, Jacobs, Turan and Stowe, on loan
  10. the fact you felt the need to post this, says a great deal about you
  11. We are not down yet, but think you are correct we are running out of games, so me thinks the fat lady is probably warming up the manukau honey
  12. scout told the manager, to leave the player out, went against the loan agreement, which stipulated the player must start, the team made a substitution after about 5 minutes and on trotted the loanee
  13. Heard a story years ago, that a premier league club forced a club to burn a subby, to get a loan player into the starting line up, after their player was named on the bench
  14. Draws are fine if you’re ticking along, but absolutely no use, if you’re where we are
  15. As someone who has been spat on, it’s a disgusting, cowardly assault, and it’s an assault, the sheriff at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, said so, when he gave the perpetrator 30days, so if this happened it’s time to name and shame
  16. Enough of this nonsense, we have had enormous injuries, often nearly half our squad injured, so please take your uninformed nonsense elsewhere
  17. No time for players to play themselves back in, need to be firing from the off
  18. Thought Dundee had a terrific win yesterday, in fact having a fine season, Tony Doc, appears to have been an inspired appointment, seems to be a lot of positives around Dens Park just now, they are sleeping giants, maybe possibly a slight awakening happening, after many false dawns, so with all this, why the f**k, are you still obsessing about McIntyre
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