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  1. Bit much blaming Norey, Slater lost it near the halfway line, Hammy caught to far up the pitch, then Norey missed it, a catalogue of errors
  2. Has to be quality over quantity, surely
  3. they’re is always one, and it appears to be you, behave, ffs Probably what occurred
  4. Manager is a shitebag, that is all Jack Hamilton good guy
  5. You are right of course, but that f**king euphoria is getting me through a horrible night
  6. The cupping of the lugs after he scored is legendary shitebagging
  7. I feel the ref booked him on the injury, not on the actual offence
  8. SPFL highlights from Saturday up on YouTube, shows the incident also shows Birds foul on Hamilton, unlucky to be booked
  9. Wow never seen this coming, trying to get the match off
  10. Probably, this isn’t the worst game for Bird to miss, our season isn’t going to be defined by results against Raith or United
  11. But these are not the games our season will be defined by, it’s the games against the rest
  12. Bit disappointing they didn’t show, Birds first booking, thought he was a bit unfortunate
  13. Is it a punch, no convinced by this, no changing my mind, that two yellows wasn’t the correct decision
  14. Giving Hylton the “Bird”when he was substituted was perfectly acceptable in my book
  15. In the end, it won’t be this that relegates us, it’s more likely to be the run of defeats we had
  16. It’s seems odd not showing it, considering we showed the straight red for ICT player in the challenge cup, but only showed the first bookings on both sending offs in the Airdrie game
  17. If it had been a player from each team, it would have been two yellows, the shock factor of it being two players from the same team, has, in my opinion, elevated it
  18. He would be correct would like to think, you would have the same opinion if it was two of you’re players
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