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  1. Isn’t he just, now you can f**k off also, and enjoy you’re evening
  2. If we don’t get bodies back and in, think the fat lady, might be reaching manukau honey
  3. Look I know you don’t have a game the day, and you don’t rate McIntyre, do us a favour, and f**k off to you’re own league
  4. Hopeful of getting one in before Saturday
  5. Tbf, after some of our results and performances this season, to still be in with more than a decent chance of staying up, I’ll take that
  6. Never said write them off, just being realistic, there is very little between bottom and 4th, probably going to need 7 or 8 wins, to be secure, I know where there is more chance of getting them
  7. Once more, these are not the games, that really matter, it’s getting wins against ICT, QP, Morton, Dunfermline, Ayr and Airdrie and possibly nicking the odd point against the other three, that’s where survival will come from
  8. Ken, canna believe Slater stayed on to save United from Adams
  9. Stand corrected I support a team who made 40 years of terrible choices, very few better than the previous one, i feel you’re pain no its a genuine question
  10. It’s the only question, as you know “the grass is never greener on the other side” or “better the devil you know”
  11. No booking there The linesman over by us, couldn’t keep up with play
  12. Am no sure it was in either, but never a foul on the keeper, absolute fanny
  13. McMann injury happened right in front of us, no foul
  14. Someone said it was a colour blind thing, as the maroon and green are similar
  15. Our survival is not based on games against Raith or United, our season will be defined by how we do against the rest
  16. Tbf, even his legendary status at the club, no his place to be in there
  17. Also, these are not the games, that will define our season
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