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  1. Absolutely two reds, really, you’ve stole a point you didn’t deserve, behave
  2. With McKennas injury, Balde would have us, being here
  3. Quick question, why has our highlights channel changed on YouTube?
  4. No buying this, had gotten much better under Big Dunc, surely this would have brought a few more in
  5. If we lineup like the BBC website had us lining up, we are toast
  6. We also had a free kick about halfway, and we didn’t put it onto the penalty spot, it was put about 25 yds out, should have been put into the mixer
  7. Decisions to be made, if we reach the halfway point with 12 points, board will have to decide whether we stick or twist, no point spaffing cash on players and still being relegated, or do we make a signing or two, b*****d for the midfield and a centre back and a left sided midfielder, on loan, if relegated we regroup and go again
  8. Nae financial disaster for us relegation, made hay while the Sun shone, will sustain the club for seasons to come
  9. ecto

    Week 14

    He must’ve known they were going to be terrible
  10. ecto

    Week 14

    The Panthers are not an NFL team
  11. After yesterday, surely the manager now knows, he doesn’t have the players to play his preferred 4-4-2
  12. Central midfield is woefully inadequate corners needed to be fizzed in
  13. Agree, that probably will be suitable loans available in January, that we’re not available at the start of the season, players on expiring contracts, with no future at their current clubs
  14. But nobody decent since the Hamilton's, we’re a championship club, no a proving ground for laddies, we need experienced professionals to get us out of the position we are in These loanees didn’t keep Cove up, so using them as examples is pointless and Ruth was nowhere near good enough, hence where he is playing now
  15. Due to bigger match day squads, the loan market hopeless for us, in the championship, very few good experienced pros available, alright loaning laddies to leagues 1&2 no use for the championship
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