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  1. The only positive thing I can say about this appointment is, at least it’s not Yogi
  2. ecto

    Week 13

    Most of the QBs in the early window on RedZone are dire
  3. Oh we were, they’re can’t have been many teams who were as bad as us and stayed up
  4. Eventually you’re luck runs out, we were really lucky to stay up last season, just don’t believe Cove or Hamilton were worse than we were at our worst, we were dreadful, if each season is just going to be a battle for survival, you can just imagine the quality of the football
  5. I know nothing, but am going to speculate the f**k out of this, until we appoint someone, then I’ll be delighted or disappointed
  6. Would take either, 0ver some of the others mentioned
  7. Couldn’t save Raith or Dunfermline from relegation, a hard no from me Why the hell not, wouldn’t be disappointed if we appoint Kevin Thomson
  8. But what we don’t need is to spend a bogie load of cash in January, bringing in and getting rid of players, it pretty obvious where we have an aching need, DM, CB,( sorry Ricky, club legend) a left sided player , (can’t see Hylton staying if we’re struggling), still be relegated and be stuck with these contracts in league 1, where I believe it would be easier to rebuild
  9. Or Sheerin As long as it isn’t Yogi or Dodds
  10. Need to find out, how much to get Petrie, pay it, have him here for Saturday
  11. ecto

    Week 12

    Kenny Pickett is NOT an NFL quarterback
  12. Am no buying this, get the right man in, club has made money while the sun shone, we have better players than last season, get couple out in Jan, couple in, a centre mid and a centre half/right back/ left back, as Steele or Hammy could play with ToB, we have to go back to being defensively sound
  13. Certain bit of truth about the shrinking of the loan market
  14. Surely we’re in a better position, that he’s even a contender, not for me
  15. Think you’re enjoying this a bit too much, now pop back to you’re own league and revel in the terrific result you had today
  16. Caretaker only please, need an experienced man in
  17. Notice Stewart Malcolm, is not among the leavers
  18. Take 12 points every quarter, then we’ll be fine, or 10 wins between now and the end of the season, will probably be enough
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