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  1. The knowledge of sailing on this thread is incredible, girls not so much
  2. You are right its "tack", excuse my bad grammar, oh and it is not "balls", just look at how the SNP are using the polls, enough said
  3. Funny thing is that a month ago the DKs were seen as the "battleground", but now they seemed to being discounted and ignored, definite change of tact
  4. Think he may be referring to the poll in the Daily Record that had the Yes vote at 39%, No at 48% and the DKs 13%, but if you take out the DKs, it gives you Yes 45%, No 55%
  5. Have noticed all of the above, also these posts will be dismissed for some reason or another, there is a pattern certainly
  6. I do see what goes on here, polls that are poor for Yes Scotland and the SNP are dismissed out of hand, March 3rd for example, polls that are better are talked up and accepted as fact.
  7. Don't think they are thinking that, but I am happy to think that you are thinking that, if you think that makes you happy
  8. This poll is discounting the DKs to get 45%, but the downside for Yes Scotland is it gives 55% to the NO camp, that STV poll is the same of the above mentioned
  9. could you point me to poll that has yes vote at 45%, I have not seen that, the polls on uk polling report website do not have any polls with the yes vote on over 40% let alone 45%
  10. Cant see at all what you base this on, still 6 months to go, getting a bit tired of the "scaremongering" line from Yes Scotland and the SNP though Better Together have been poor so far that is true but you have to remember the SNP have been campaigning since 2011, but yes no real inroads with the polls, seems to be Yes Scotland do like to assume the DK,s will split 50/50, dangerous assumption to make, DK's should not be depended on until the actual vote
  11. Don't think you have reached 40% yet, the polls around the time of the white paper launch had the yes vote anything between 27% and 37%, so make of that what you will, you lot are putting a lot of faith in the DKs, oh and my head is well above ground and will be right up until September
  12. I don't agree at all, don't think Better Together has not really got started yet, if Yes Scotland cannot make ground just now they never will, the poll rating for Independence is not much different from the day the white paper was published
  13. Not the old, its how they process data argument, already, really that is true, it is going to be fun til then
  14. Got nothing going for them just now, so lets re-hash a 6 week old poll, priceless, last week they were back down to 32%
  15. people who go and see bands from their youth who were famous for 5 minutes, who barely have an original member left, then go around saying how great they were
  16. I am a no-voter and I consider myself looking at the "big picture"
  17. Latest Odds from Ladbrokes Yes 11/2 No 1/6
  18. An awful lot of faith been put on swaying the don't knows and the wavering no's, and if the vote was tomorrow think the gap would be wider
  19. Lightning striking twice, that is a reach, but if it gets you through, who am I to pass judgement
  20. Judging by the poll I seen tonight, 40% might be the best they can hope for
  21. No sure about trusting panelbase, they did the one poll commissioned by the SNP that gave the Yes campaign a narrow lead and the only poll that gave them over 40%, in fact just seen a IPSOS MORI poll on the STV News Aberdeen Yes 32% No 57% Undecided 11%
  22. Really it is a long time 200 days, since 2011 the support for independence has risen by lets say 5 or 6%, they are looking for a rise of say double that in 200 days I don't really think Better Together have even really started yet, but Yes Scotland and the SNP have been rattled over the past couple of weeks, so the next 200 days will either be very interesting or a non-event, but Ladbrokes still offering 7/2 for a Yes Vote and 1/5 for a No Vote
  23. The SNP have pretty much being campaigning since they won the last Scottish election in 2011, and they have a highly unpopular government in London, which should work in their favour, but the polls are not reflecting this, in my view Think both sides have looked a little "ragged" recently, but these polls show very little change since the publishing of the white paper, that was 4 months ago and only 200 days to go
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