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  1. Pretty well known organisation and member of the British Polling Council.

    Haven't seen the data tables yet to make comment on the methodology

    no chance of that happening on this thread, this appears to be a good news poll for YES Scotland, so this will be "move along nothing to see here", we will take it and bask in its glory

  2. Oh dear Confi.

    There's a limit on what you can spend now the official campaign has started, there wasn't before. The Weirs millions don't matter so much now ... Sorry to break that to you :(

    not just the Weirs millions either, not so much Stagecoach money coming their way either

  3. Yeah that's what I was thinking about, cheers.

    Dundee is absolutely solid yes, the few folk I know that were No have came over to the good side with only two solid no voters (one is a guy who owns a business who said he wants indy but it will make it much harder to compete for the contracts his business gets from down south) the other is an orc from Falkirk, no explanation needed!

    Unfortunately, I am not as optimistic.

    22000 university students. Now I know that the student movement appears quite strong but I guarantee you that there is not a chance in hell of them voting for independence. Young people are generally harder to win over and we have a lot of students from other parts of the UK who would never entertain the motion. Staff are as equally unkeen and there are around 2500 of them. My lecturers come out with uninformed drivel on the matter and genuinely get quite angry.

    You then have a few companies like Alliance Trust which have issued independence warnings a few times now. Anyone employed in this industry is more likely to vote against just for that reason alone. If you add up all the staff working for financial industries then you get around 2000.

    I see this as around 25000 people who are going to be at least 60% No at the very least. Around 80% of the population are eligible so around 120000 will vote in Dundee. If that side of the vote goes the way I think it will then we need to get around 55% with the rest which is possible but very difficult.

    I recently went to see Ed Byrne at the Rep and the demographic was the sort I would have expected to be pro-independence but when the subject was brought up it was quite a clear no majority. It might have had something to do with the woman being a bit more keen than the men to air their views though.

    if Yes Scotland don't win the North East, they will not win

  4. Here's one little statistic that shows how much Yes have to do to win.

    At the last Scottish election much was made of the SNP's performance in NE Scotland - yet when you total all the votes up the SNP only achieved 52% of the vote in what is seen as their stronghold. Now I know that votes for the SNP (or other parties for that matter) may not translate in to Yes (or No) votes. It does, however, seem to me that the Yes campaign, despite the landslide for the SNP, have always had an uphill fight to turn things round in the 3 years since those elections. I still stand by my prediction of a No win - I have said by 57-43 (excluding spoilt papers including mine). Even if that were the result it would not be a disaster for Yes - either a platform to come back in future or to negotiate further powers if (more like when) the SNP win the next Scottish election. Whatever happens I think the status quo won't survive in its present form.

    43%- 57%, SNP will call that a "moral victory" anything below that, just a defeat

  5. Yoinks if true, we dodged a bullet there, good luck, he will spend more time on his "arse", or injured, mark my words

    As I said earlier you really don't know very much do you?

    we will re-visit this when he has played 10 decent games, which should be sometime the season after next

  6. Ewan Moyes should be a good signing. Liking the look of the way the squad is shaping up now, probably about halfway there.

    Needing: Atleast 1 keeper, 2/3 fullbacks, another 2 centre mids, another 2 wide players and another striker i'd reckon.

    Bomb scare of a centre- half, but anyway good luck, we are screaming out for a centre-half, he was not even on the radar

  7. Update:

    Yes - 46 votes (13.33%)

    No - 281 votes (81.45%)

    Undecided - 18 votes (5.22%)

    Its went up! lol. :)

    predictable result

    Bigots to a man.

    If No can only attract the votes of four in every five of the worst creatures ever to have inhabited this country then they're truly fucked.

    predictable responses

  8. Poll apprently putting Yes at three points behind now. However, no source has been provided by the Mail so rather sceptical. Could this be the hidden ICM poll being about to surface?


    Does fly in the face of most recent polls, where the YES vote is stagnating

  9. It's died down purely because they have had to slow down on the scaremongering before they lose too many votes.

    The No campaign are sitting in a room like the YouTube clip of Downfall. Alistair Darling shouting "you all said this scaremongering would make them vote No!!!!!!!"

    Reality is they don't know what tactics to use with only a couple of weeks before the official campaign period starts.

    Not this garbage again, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. It is the progressive partnership a independent market and research agency who ran the poll with YouGov

    No it wasn't. It was conducted by Progressive Scottish Opinion.

    They may have used the online YouGov panel, but PSO choose the weightings that they apply to the poll results. As such, it is totally meaningless to compare the result with the YouGov/Channel 4 poll from last week

    In addition, they didn't ask the actual referendum question. They replaced the word "be" with "become", thus subtly emphasising the status quo

    Finally, PSO don't adhere to British Polling Council rules. I seem to recollect that they have previously been accused of not publishing full polling data.

    However, I'm sure that these minor problems won't stop you believing that "No" has an impregnable lead. Enjoy your dream.

    a new one that selective quoting

  11. Sieving through your tears, snotters and shite, a couple of questions.

    Who are the progressive group?

    Was the question in the poll the same question that will be asked in the referendum?

    How long will you cry for when a Yes vote is returned?

    I will have to just get on with it if the vote goes against my views, as will you if the vote goes against yours

    It is the progressive partnership a independent market and research agency who ran the poll with YouGov

  12. Do you have a link to their data? The Sunday Post just say it's a group called 'Progressive Partnership'.

    It was done by YouGov for the "progressive group"

    Revelling in a probable no vote, what a pathetic person you must be.

    Not revelling only reporting, of course does not suit your agenda, so who is pathetic?

    Another load of mewling, pathetic shite from Arbroath's most right wing resident.

    I have been called many things in my life, some quite bad, but never anything as bad as been called "right-wing",

    but once I again ask the question, how do many of you cope with disappointment?, because by the 19th of September you will have suffered a huge blow

  13. I simply asked if they were a credible source. If it was a credible source then it would have been interesting to see if any trends were emerging.

    EDIT: Even though the poll isn't verifiable it does show a shift towards 'Yes' compared to their last one (assuming methodologies are the same).

    It was a YouGov poll

  14. Was it carried out by a member of the British Polling Council? The same group did a poll in November with 27% Yes and 56% No and their methodology wasn't explained then either.


    same old, same old, I don't believe it, so it must be rubbish, if this poll had been to the advantage of Yes Scotland and the SNP, it would be being celebrated and its methodology would not have been questioned, now that's pathetic

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