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  1. I believe his former team mate Luke Rankine scored 4 in the same match v Celtic "B".
  2. Really pleased for Nesbitt, his work rate is immense. Also, he`s a good reader of the game and often gets himself into position to cut out opposition passes. It was that anticipation that got him his goal yesterday.
  3. Had a look at the highlights again and agree.
  4. I managed to get a wee sequence of shots of that and it looks like the keeper coming back plays McIvor onside.
  5. AHH, Big Doug, a guy who took no prisoners. Played as striker few times too. "Markie, Baillie & Gibson" that was a combo.
  6. It would appear to be an excellent vintage.
  7. That`s a side to him that not many knew about. The season after he left we were in the play-offs and he attended the game at Hamilton. After the match I was walking through the car park to the team bus and he was getting into a car about 50 yds away. He must have spied me and got out the car and walked the 50 yds up the car park to shake my hand and ask how I was doing. It was one of those moments where, as he was approaching, you turn round to see if there`s somebody behind you that he`s heading for. A mark of the man. I can also confirm his dislike for Jack Compton, I was at training the day he absolutely roasted him in front of everyone and ordered him off the training pitch. Had never witnessed that happen to a player before...or since.
  8. I`m still trying to find the cash to pay for the mention he gave me.
  9. Geez, I miss the big man, still coming to terms with him not being involved in things. On a different note, I`m surprised Watneys Red Barrel didn`t put you off beer for life.
  10. When I was involved in the media (2004-2015) We produced a "Yearbook" during the Premier League seasons. If ever there was a season for resurrecting that, I would think this is it?
  11. Probably "The BA Cowboys" filming a bar-room scene!! I got involved in that once (1972) in the pub up Grahams road (Empire Bar)
  12. I think from memory it was a charity match... this is the opposition and I know there`s at least one guy on here regularly.
  13. Came across this in my archive, must be coming on 20 years ago I took it. Don`t know if it`s relevant to anyone on here?
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