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  1. i am heading to New York for the first time (also first time out of Europe) in July. i was looking for advice for what people did for mobile sim cards for data, my current supplier will hit me hard for roaming charges and want to avoid if I can?
  2. It looks like Aaron Rogers has transferred ownership of the Bears to Jordan Love
  3. Did Liam Dick not provide the cross for the equilizer, what else does he need to do?
  4. It is a great deal for the Packers as, more than likely, they will have two first round draft picks next year so even if Jordan Love is rotten they will have the draft capital to move up to select a new QB. If he is good then more weapons can be got for him.
  5. the problem I had is a known problems with Audi's as Seat is also part of the VW group it may be connected.
  6. What kind of car is it? I had a problem with the stop / start in mine not working and when it was taken in it turned out to be a problem with the ABS brake module at the rear was broken.
  7. I have sent a pm with details to a service
  8. No one is really mentioning Bead Spencer but there is a reason our form and performances have picked up since he came back in to the side and got up to speed. He does nothing flashy that stands out in games but just keeps everything ticking along nicely.
  9. Would that not have been due to the 500 person restrictions and the club let season ticket holders in for free as they paid for a previous years ticket they did not use?
  10. I always believed that season tickets were sold for league games only so would have to pay in to friendlies and cup games. Looking at the website for tickets on Wednesday night there are no season ticket seats blocked out so that would seem to confirm that thought.
  11. Sorry what was wrong with Thomson at the goal. His starting position is exactly where you want him to be when the ball is at the half way line, It was a good strike by the boy. Ffs It was the first pre season game and people are moaning already
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