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  1. A couple of things stood out tonight. Taylor must start - offers so much going forward and can pass a ball. And McMenamin offers far more on the left than on the right. (Weird tonight that we started with Elvis and Conor on the right when they are both left footed. The ball constantly went inside and severely limited our options.)
  2. Shaun Rooney has left Fleetwood. I would take him. Be difficult to replace Strain but Rooney is a good option.
  3. Today was probably the most un-St Mirren thing I have ever witnessed. I cannot ever rememher being a goal down in the 90th minute and winning the match. It simply doesn't happen to us. Until today.
  4. Our crossing has been shit all night. Either cannot get it in or no variation.
  5. Frustrating thing for me yesterday, especially in the first half was the crossing. Tanser had totally free reign down that left hand side and constantly hit the exact same high ball to the far post. Considering all Livi defenders are over 6ft and we only had Mandron there he rarely even got near the ball. So easy for the Livi defence. I would like to see more variety like passing into the box and cut backs to the edge or low and hard across the goal. These constant crosses were a total waste of the domination that we had down that left wing. However, rarely have I seen us dominate Livi like we did yesterday. There was simply little composure with the forwards. And I and the guys I was with were all certain Mandron was missing that penalty. His body language told us everything. Just a bad but not altogether unexpected bad day at the office.
  6. We are averaging 5200 home fans this season. A steady improvement over the last few years.
  7. I was glad to see Main start before Bayayoko(sp?) who tormented us up at Dens. But even happier we never signed him as we have enough forwards who cannot score. Dundee should have been 1 up in the first half but second half we could easily had 5 goals. Great result tonight.
  8. I'd prefer Kiltie playing behind 2 strikers in between the lines than currently competing with Tanser for crosses coming in from the left wing. Where he plays just now is not to his strengths; he gets in Tanser's way and gives Tanser less troom to work in when Kiltie goes wide left. Playing behind 2 strikers gives us more bodies in and around the box and allows Kiltie ro be in shooting positions. Change this 343 to 3412 would be a improvement imho. 343 is no longer working.
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