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  1. The problem against Fleetwood, especially in the 1st half, was the wing backs played as full backs and provided no midfield support , which was mostly overrun, and no attacking threat. Only in the second half did the wing backs move a wee bit further forward and only when Sutherland came on was there a wide attacking threat. We were far too defensive. 3-5-2 is for me our best formation and not the 5-2-3 we played on Saturday.
  2. Yesterday the wing backs sat far too deep first half allowing our midfield to be overrun. Rooney did not look confident at CH constantly giving the ball away. The wing backs moving further forward and the introduction of Taylor made a big difference in the second half pushing the team on. Smyth looks a player with his energy, running off the ball, and forward runs. And Sutherland was excellent taking on men and whipping in good crosses. A mixed bag as was to be expected but plenty on show to look forward too.
  3. Many clubs sell direct to Away fans (eg Fakes, Livi, Killie) and some have a pay-at-the-gate option so there is no record on Away purchase history that the Club can use for Away ballots.
  4. Apparently we are selling Bolton to Fleetwood for a six figure sum.
  5. The Club is in a no-win situation at the moment. They will only have seven days to organise the team's flights, transfers and accommodation. Then look at the fan situation. Valur's stadium has a capacity of only 999 so there won't be many Away tickets available. Albania should be OK for Away. The Club are trying to put in place a system where fhey can get tickets out quickly and there is a 50% chance of very few tickets. And very little time to receive the tickets from the host club and get them distributed.
  6. Morgan is I believe the only 2 footed player in the squad - very comfortable with either foot and can play right or left side of the pitch although currently playing as a 9 in America. He has scored 9 goals with 2 assists in 14 league games this season. Only Shankland has a comparable goal rate. Morgan should have been in the squad some time ago. Unfortunately the manager believes in picking the same players who do not perform for him. Hopefully he gets a chance now as others have not taken theirs.
  7. A must win game and all we do is side and back passes. Dire.
  8. A must win game and all we do is side and back passes. Dire.
  9. If Robinson cannot improve Strain then that rules out Goodwin who did not improve one player under him when he was with us. Look at Main and Erharon who couldn't get a game under Goodwin yet became mainstays and brought in money with Robinson's coaching. Strain will be stagnant for the next two years.
  10. Welcome home Stephen! https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/5444-stephen-mcginn-returns-to-st-mirren-as-full-time-academy-coach?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR0iR76kJvCAkMCNTT61R4aiwRGP5pzocqJmVe5O_8acwdjT0VpVWFSEMDM_aem_ZmFrZWR1bW15MTZieXRlcw
  11. Unfortunately I have seen this movie too many times before. The fans get hyper and the players get carried away with it all. As soon as we qualify the players should be put in a box away from all the noise and told to concentrate. None of them turned up. They were playing the game in their head instead of focusing on the job in hand. Poor attitudes all over the pitch with the expected result of not turning up for a game.
  12. Most players make a debut as a second half sub like Conway v Finland. Starting a game and getting 45 mins is better than an average debut.
  13. Well done Lewis Morgan on being called up to the national squad. 9 goals and 2 assists in his last 16 games.
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