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  1. I was merely referring to the fact that all trusts that I know (not just football trusts) are set up to help, not to plunge themselves into debt. How can a charity do that and get away with it? Sorry, no gossip, but you're perfectly correct about me having an obsession with those two. They're part of the Masterton regime that has brought the club to its knees. You'll gather,by now, that I would prefer it if Masterton and people like him would leave Scottish football alone and let the football trusts have a greater say.
  2. I was referring to the Pars Trust being in debt to the tune of £59k. On your other point about directors' remuneration, what you are saying is that Karen Masterton and Tracey Martin pitched in with their £50k and that they are not being paid, My bet is that no they didn't and yes they are.
  3. It is neither sad nor an obsession. I also spend some time on East Fife's website because it's good banter, as it is on here. On match days I visit the opposition's website again because of the banter Regarding your paid/unpaid directors I suggested that because Karen Masterton and Tracey Martin would appear to be paid that the others would be paid as well. All I'm trying to establish is how many of these umpteen directors are paid. For example, do Yorkston and Masterton take any money out of the club and if so, how much?
  4. So Tracey Martin and Karen Masterton work there for nothing?
  5. I would assume that each group of directors is paid. The Events Board, for example, is run by Karen Masterton and Tracey Martin, both of whom will command fairly large salaries. If it's the same for the other boards, how are they going to cut expenditure by £400,000 in the next 12 months? Also, when is the Trust Board planning to break even? At the moment they're £59,000 in the red. I wonder how many trusts in Scotland are in negative territory.
  6. It came from 'Honk', aka William George, an independent financial adviser and staunch Dunfermline supporter who appears to have the ear of the sensible posters on dot net (are there any?). His figures came as a reply to rumours of monthly outgoings of as much as £140,000. In addition he has a track record of being extremely accurate when posting on dot net to the point that the board would probably like to silence him, so his figures are good enough for me.
  7. How about a collective £95k a month, excluding the payment plan with HMRC.
  8. There really isn't a better way to describe the Pars' activity over the years.
  9. I implied that the vast majority of Pars' fans posting on here refused to believe what was happening to their club. I can't be bothered trawling through previous posts to prove the point, but I stand by it. I did not say they were ignorant.
  10. Thank you, but I was hoping you'd say something along the lines of, "How could I be so blind?"
  11. It would be easier if you knew the figures involved. You get the feeling they're being held back because they're horrendous and it's too late.
  12. I'm sorry, but you were told ages ago that your board were being economical with the truth. However, you lot - almost to a man - refused to believe it. Can't wait for your board's latest spin on events tomorrow. One thing you can bet on - the full figures will not be revealed, again.
  13. If you're going to use fancy words try to get them right.
  14. Get your facts right before opening your big gob. Quote from the Airdrie manager: "Kenneth will not be a Diamond this season...here for game-time only" Like I said - Kenneth is way out of your league.
  15. He would have been MILES outside your budget. Welcome to the real world.
  16. I read it as they've been granted conditional membership dependent on them transferring their SPL share to Dundee. Apparently this has not been completed because it's held by Duff and Phelps who claim that they have still to receive full payment from Charles Green.
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