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  1. That poor crowd wouldn't have been enough to pay 10% of your needs this month. If indeed 70% has been paid (which I doubt) shouldn't you be asking where the money came from?
  2. Masterton knows fine well that by Thursday night we'll all know if the staff have been paid. I just can't see him turning up if he hasn't got something up his sleeve - in this case someone else's money.
  3. Now that Colin McMenamin has signed for Morton there's only one club left in the division that could sign Graham and that's Partick. Only one week left.
  4. Since we've become good at this we could do a Raith - Pars half scarf for when they go tits up. Big, big seller in Kirkcaldy.
  5. Their shop's not stuffed full. Try asking them when they last paid their suppliers.
  6. 'The last few months have been we feel the most challenging faced by any Board of Directors at DAFC... ' should read The last few months have been we feel the most challenging faced by the single most incompetent Board of Directors at DAFC - ever.
  7. The thing is, was it his money or just a figure on a piece of paper that was moved from one company to another?
  8. It might be a bit bigger than the use of a team bus. Brian Souter Investments have invested a substantial sum in First Scottish run by Yorkston and Masterton. Edit to add: go to pages 16 and 17 of this document to find the link between Brian Souter and Masterton and Yorkston.
  9. Until Geoff Brown shopped the cheats to the BBC to get his £10,000 in July 2011.
  10. I don't care how many games you win or lose with the latest team you can't afford. With regard to your troubles, I'm glad they're coming home to roost at long last because I'm sick to death of your cheating and then pretending to be a big club. If wanting honesty in sport makes me sad then that's ok but I'd rather be called sad than a cheat.
  11. Then you'd be wrong. Basher Brash is correct - money talks. Or at least it does when you're getting paid.
  12. Not wound up at all. Quite calm in fact after the news that came my way at the game today. There are people working at East End Park who have very loose tongues. Your board had another very close call yesterday with yet another unpaid bill. As you are very well aware the clock continues to tick for the big team. The next big deadline to deal with is Friday 28th December, pay day. But surely your board won't wait until after Christmas to give the players their pay plus the 63% missing from last month? Surely they'll pay them all they're due on Friday 21st? That's only 13 days away and HMRC might be back around the same time. They're not known to respect Christmas. As I have said to you in the past, I do admire your stance against that board of yours and more power to you. At least you don't come on here with that wee team pish that the wee dipstick above seems to delight in.
  13. So you're happy with the £95000 a month wage bill, are you?
  14. I really hope we don't go for loanees. If we're still fourth or thereabouts and injuries and suspensions were kicking in, it would be better if the likes of Donaldson, Callachan and Vaughan got a game.
  15. "We are working hard to try to reduce our creditors as fast as we can over the coming months." How can Dunfermline reduce their creditors when expenditure exceeds income and the debt is actually growing? The board has already stated that they need to reduce expenditure by up to £400000 just to break even for this season. How do you service a £95000 wage bill?
  16. The whole thing smacks of a leaving speech if you ask me.
  17. You can bet that that thread won't be pulled, unlike the one that appeared this afternoon for all of 5 minutes claiming that the electricity would have been shut off if payment wasn't made by 3.00pm. Enter Purvisman to save the day. Allegedly. Maybe Brian's been at the keyboard all that time pressing delete on any thread that hinted at the aforementioned.
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