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  1. We Scots just don't want the day tripping b*****ds coming into our schemes and telling us what to do. Fucking English c***s. And the Bank of England is fucking part Scottish so they cant stop us using OUR fucking pound, b*****ds!
  2. The bullying was just unforgivable. I was absolutely raging about the bullying. Awful. Fucking English b*****ds. I'm actually banging my fists off the leather topped desk (to cushion the blow as my hands are my fortune) here.
  3. I got all my media bias from natblogs so was completely unmoved by the vile MSM persecution of the yes campaign. David Ickes support for Scottish independence was the absolute clincher for me. And after all, he CARES about Arran.
  4. What do you foresee happening? And what difference will this make to your life?
  5. Oh ok. Maybe if Salmond had held it a lot sooner instead of waiting nearly two years then this sort of crud build up wouldn't have happened and the yes side would have cruised to a well deserved victory? We'll never know..
  6. I see you're having trouble dealing with the fact Scotland was given the opportunity by the UK state to hold a legally binding referendum in which we voted to remain in the union. Catalonians have not been given this opportunity by their state to hold a legally binding referendum. If they did get one they'd undoubtedly vote to leave. The main problem for our separatists is that they are in a minority here and they can't handle this. They were given everything on a plate, question, timing, voting franchise etc etc. And they still lost even after two years of obsessing.
  7. Looks like they actually want it, unlike Scotland. Didn't seem to exercise the voting public in anything close to the same way either. Turnout was shite.
  8. If you are talking about newspapers then fair enough. But as we all know, newspaper circulation has been in decline since the internet fired up. The nats had by FAR a bigger online presence which we were assured by the clown collective would be VERY significant for them at the start of this. You still lost. Heavily.
  9. They had the question. They had a TWO YEAR long campaign (the longest campaign in political history here. They were allowed to decide who could vote. They were able to decide WHEN the vote was to be. They had access to the lottery winners cash. They had far more activists. They had the government machine at Holyrood to use. They had british civil servants operating on their behalf They still took a total gubbing.
  10. Holyrood doesn't actually matter to me until they start picking my pocket.
  11. No I don't I dont want to see another leftist government in my entire lifetime. They are always disastrous
  12. Exactly. I'm not in the slightest bit interested in the little local scuffle between Scottish Labour and the nationalist fannies. Its irrelevant other than that I want Labour fucked over so they don't form a government. The SNP might help that process. Fine by me.
  13. No. I'll be voting Tory down here. With the SNP eating into that vote theres a decent chance of winning it back.
  14. Vote SNP get Tory is fine by me. Bring that particular scenario on.
  15. Its nonsense. But it would be fantastic.
  16. And you smear your own shite on the living room wall. Your voting habits are the least of your problems.
  17. I wonder at what stage you'll realise what a vile bunch of authoritarian left wing thugs the SNP are? Lets face it, a lot of the clowns in here voted Labour most of their days, if they are THAT fucking stupid then the SNP is undoubtedly the place for them.
  18. I think you haven't actually got a clue how much I hate Labour. I hated them while plenty of the NCC were still voting for them or were still latched to their mothers nipple. Politics of the left is just vile beyond words. All of it. Including the ship of fools that is the SNP. The bald man fighting over a comb spat up here between basically two cheeks of the same vast arse doesn't impress me.
  19. I'm looking forward to the SNP wiping out Labour up here and helping return a proper Tory government to Westminster. After nearly quarter of a century, its about time.
  20. It will be hilarious is the SNP got rid of as many Labour clowns as they could up here, denying them a GE victory and the Tories got into power again propped up by the SNP on a confidence and supply basis. The meltdown on here would probably be even bigger than the past months.
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