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  1. Stewart Hosie knows f**k all about anything.
  2. When you wrote that did you hear white coats flapping in the background? Indynial
  3. Must be gutting for the nat clown collective shceme goblin division in here that I have been proven spctacularly right on the referendum though. And its not even going to be close either.
  4. "Everyone in mah scheme is voting yes but"
  5. The NCC nightshift was working hard last night. Were they making their normal hamfisted effort at burying yet more bad news for their failed campaign or something?
  6. Yes had no chance then and it has no chance now. Its brillaint watching the clown collective do the group hug and BULEEVING but the truth is it was over as soon as Eton posh boy Cameron shafted Salmond in Edimburgh. Posh boy Osborne applied to coup de grace on Feb 14th by pointing and laughing at the flimsy currency plans of the SNP. The next few weeks in here will be utterly hilarious watching the clown collective realise what an arse theyve made of this.
  7. At least it goes to show there's SOME brain activity I suppose.
  8. Seems not. Not many nationalists can get their head around that at all. A total blind spot for them. Yes, its definitely advantageous to an independent Scotland, of course it is. But its not good for the rest of the UK and it has been kicked out the park regardless, much to nationalist chagrin. But Salmond has weakened himself by going for the line that they are kidding on. He just looks ridiculous attempting to peddle that.
  9. How will they do that? The SNP won the right to hold the referendum via the ballot box and the UK government honoured that right without any fuss whatsoever. Why would they stop it happening again? The way to make sure it never happens again is to make sure the SNP dont win another majority at Holyrood. That will be up to the voters.
  10. lol. You'll moan like a bitch about perceived austerity yet its going to be worth it to be plunged into economic chaos so you can plant a saltire on the smouldering rubble of what was a fairly wealthy bit of the world? What sort of stupidity is that?
  11. Thats fine, it wasn't my opinion anyway, it was a statement from Moodys the credit ratings agency. Maybe you should take one of the credit ratings agencies into consideration then before you spread yet more drivel about?
  12. Moodys stated quite clearly that it would impact negatively on the UK credit rating. A rise in borrowing costs would harm the rUK far more than piddling trasaction costs. Costs that will actually impact Scotland in a bigger way anyway considering the amount of cross border business we do with the rest of the uk.
  13. Moodys already stated that CU was the single option available to Scotland that would actually impact negatively on the rUK credit rating. Why would they want to do that? The transaction costs drivel being peddled by Salmond of a staggering 500mn is actually less than the two Manchester football clubs dish out in wages each season. In an economy of well over a trillion sheets it is laughably tiny. As for it not being over? Its been over for a couple of years now. As has been said all along, managing the size of the defeat is the most important thing. There's absolutely no chance yes will win. None.
  14. It was never their land. If you havent even got the basics right then just butt out.
  15. The French lost 50,000 civilians during the allied bombing of Normandy. Thankfully they don't hold a grudge and got wired in to kick out the Nazis. As for a two state solution between Israel and the arabs. Fine, but difficult when one of the sides refuses to recognise Israel as a state. They never have done, hence the attempt in 1948 to obliterate it a day after it was created. If they had recognised Israel at the time then there would have been a two state solution from the off and somewhere for the displaced arabs to go instead of being kicked from pillar to post and not being allowed to settle in other arab lands. They have attempted to obliterate Israel three times and failed in each attempt. Gaza gets more aid per head than virtually any other part of the planet, they spend it on rockets and building tunnels. When Gaza was handed over to their control the first thing they did was to elect Hamas idiots where they then set about any dissenters, murdering them. They havent had an election since so we probably wont get to find out whether the punterdom are still happy with their choice. They are all pawns in a bigger game unfortunately for them. But yes, Israel. Terrible people.
  16. There hasn't been a tory government elected in the UK for 22 years. The tories arent going to win this next one, although I hope they do.
  17. I know. Burma thinks its already in the bag. He's asked EVERYONE that lives up his close and from that he has the yess lot in a lead. Well, they are a natural majority and the NO vote is soft isn't it?
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