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  1. Id reckon 10-12 if the SNP are still polling in the mid 40s. If they aren't then they will get the usual handful.
  2. No, Ive arranged my affairs so that my kids will inherit everything and the state will get f**k all.
  3. Probably just sit back and watch you lose again like last time without having to bother lifting a finger.
  4. Just as you were completely wrong the entire way through the referendum campaign, you've also got it horribly wrong here. What will you do when there is no commitment to a referendum in any of the next SNP manifestos? Will you leave the party and go elsewhere?
  5. No, I'm just right and you're wrong. Its as simple as that really.
  6. For a bloke that is supposedly some kind of activist he doesn't half talk a load of shite about his monomania.
  7. Thats only happened in Scotland once. And it was the Tories that managed it.
  8. Apparently the electoral commission is a bad guy with the tinfoil natters. Your opinions on these sort of things tend to be driven by your emotions and not by anything resembling reality. Your performance through the last couple of years confirmed that. Totally detached from any sort of reality.
  9. Unfortunately the question is now going to be be "do you agree that Scotland should remain part of the union". Not that there is ever going to be another referendum of course.
  10. IDS has actually closely followed the model they use in Norway. I thought Norway was the shining light in welfarism according to some on the left?
  11. Well, I was intrigued to find out where to. You seemed to be implying that the state itself was holding you back from fulfilling your true potential...
  12. Where do you reckon you'll move to where things will magically get better for you?
  13. I havent been to a Scotland game for about quarter of a century. I wouldn't open the curtains to watch them even if they were playing on my front lawn.
  14. Its the scum living in these areas that wreck them.
  15. The fact they voted yes proves decisive in the genetic mutant argument
  16. Just reading his signature there, I wonder if he now holds Glasgow in higher esteem than his home city who rejected independence very comfortably indeed?
  17. What was your gut feeling about the referendum? Just checking whether your innards are a decent barometer on such things.
  18. A life of shroud waving awaits them.
  19. I'll chin him on twitter about it sometime He is a decent sort of a chap anyway, a bit naive, a bit of a sweetie wife, but fundamentally alright.
  20. KiwiFifer owes me a bottle of whisky.
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