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  1. You vote for an MP, not a government.
  2. mmm.... Why the near hysteria about Toooreeesss!!! winning the election (they won't) then?
  3. Its a real shame that the clown collective in here have decided to scaremonger about the Toooreeeessss!!!!!! winning the next general election and attempting to run with the "scotland never gets the government it votes for" nonsense. Scotland will vote Labour at the next GE and will get a Labour government. I'm not sure what that does to the tired looking dear leaders votes to governments he actually got ratio, but too bad. Its just another thing the NCC have made an arse of themselves about.
  4. Who knows. Maybe they'll allow us a referendum on leaving sometime?
  5. Well, I doubt there is a Scot that hasn't thought about it seriously at some stage. You tend to realise as you get older that politicians are pretty shit and tend to f**k everything up. This has been a real dogs breakfast and it was obvious that it just wasnt a burning issue with us. Having grown up through the post 1979 era it was absolutely glaringly obvious that devolution was going to happen and that there was a popular groundswell for it. There just isn't for this one. If its going to be done at all then it will be in bite sized pieces rather than in one go. It will be done pretty reasonably if/when it does happen and it will be done carrying the vast majority of the punterdom instead of this horrible divisive mess.
  6. I've very rarely cast a vote and been on the winning side I will be this time right enough although that wouldn't have mattered. Id have voted yes if it looked halfway decent but its a badly thought out pile of shite run by idiots. So no. Maybe next time, I'm quite happy to wait on something remotely sensible.
  7. But unfortunately not enough to ever implement socialism or give you a yes vote. Until then you'll just have to daydream about getting your hands on other peoples money.
  8. I voted SNP in the list for Holyrood . That must make me an anti English economic illiterate too.
  9. Thats because you're stupid. And because you have nothing to lose in the first place. Essentially, you are a selfish c**t that wants everyone else to pay for everything youve got.
  10. Annoying isn't it? Just for your information, it's never NOT been going well. But the forum itself was getting a bit samey plus I've not been partaking of much football so why bother infesting a football forum? But I'll be off and on here much to your chagrin. And I've been here since the day it opened and come and gone as I pleased, which I'll continue to do at my whim.
  11. I was delighted that Coburn got in at the expense of the SNP third candidate. The fact utter morons like yourself are still not over it makes it even better. Cant really see any circumstances where Id have to vote UKIP again right enough, but that was utterly delicious. Anyway, hows the old momentum going for you chaps? Winning?
  12. My old man had a "peace through NATO" sticker during the 70s and 80s mainly to piss off a couple of yoghurt knitting CND c***s that lived near us. They're now dead, but they did have to live through the break up of their beloved soviet union, which was nice. Maybe they died of broken hearts? Lets hope so.
  13. Car stickers can really make the difference in a tight contest I know I've often seen them and paused to think seriously about how I'm going to vote, I,m sure I'm not alone.
  14. On either side. Even my old dear who has zero interest in politics cant wait to get into the voting booth to knife the nationalists.
  15. I have no idea what it is, it is undefined as and there is no agreement on what it actually is. For now probably. It will be quite good seeing Holyrood attempting to justify a chunk of its spending based on what it tries to fleece out the pockets of us Scots. But we shall see.
  16. I'm sure you do. But you're a bit thick.
  17. Another one that cant read (or spell ) I clearly stated he shafted Salmonds ambitions. Salmond isn't Scotland as far as I'm aware. But tremendous effort, well done. Devo max is yet to be defined. Its not going to be Salmond doing it either which is good news all round especially after the horses arse of a job he's made attempting to define independence.
  18. You have severe difficulties with interpretation. That's become fairly apparent over recent months. A shame really
  19. We will see what credibility the SNP are left with nce this is done. They will fight like ferrets in a sack after this regardless for a spell. A damaged leader if he can stay on in that role and a completely wasted parliamentary term which was dominated by their monomania.Lots of folk couldnt stomach allowing the Labour clowns get a shot in charge of the wrecking ball and decided to plump for the SNP where Holyrood was concerned. Will be interesting to see if that carries on. Most of the by elections to Holyrood suggests not..
  20. No. It was entirely to shaft Salmond. Which Cameron did beautifully. They were never about to allow the likes of Salmond the chance to define anything other than what he reckoned independence should look like, knowing full well he would make a mess of it. Salmond wont be around to help define whatever it is that "devo max" is anyway. And going by past huffs, the SNP are likely to sit on the sidelines and seethe away while its defined for them.
  21. You knew where I was if you missed me that much . Not posting in here during the dull bit of the campaign doesnt actually mean "hiding". Particularly when I havent been at a football match for nearly a year now so why bother posting in here at a handful of braying lunatics and some weans that dont know any better. Ill be here to point and laugh at the yes clowns up until the inevitable yes defeat. Then I'll probably be offski for good this time. But maybe not. Freedom to choose and all that.
  22. Alex Neil even knows yes is beaten. Yet you still don't. You should drop into my mates hotel where he drinks and convince him he doesnt know what hes talking about. Maybe a wee link to a nat blog will do the trick, he's clearly just an uninformed voter. He's in the Nicola camp BTW when the SNP bunfight starts after the crushing defeat.
  23. To be fair to Hosie, when you compare him to the likes of Wishart and Agnes McNeil he does seem like a towering intellect.
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