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  1. Lang and Spencer will do well for Falkirk. No offence to the rest of League 1. Only Hamilton, QoS and possibly Alloa can really challenge them. If they don’t outright win the title then it’ll be complete and utter failure again. McGlynn should consider retirement.
  2. I’d like us to decide on a style and stick with it. Just minor details to say it’s new. A return to the white sleeves and navy shirt. Maybe not for everyone. Just to have an identity that says that’s a Rovers strip, if you know what I mean.
  3. Love to see Kyle Turner rock up at Starks. But the odds might be against us. You never know Failkirk might push out the boat for him, because they’re a maaaaassiiiiiive club.
  4. I’m sure there’s a South Park gif kicking about somewhere
  5. The favourites have to be Dundee Utd, Queens Park, ICT and Ayr for top 4 5 to 10th could be anyone. Hopefully we (Raith Rovers)stay well out of the relegation zone. I’m only going by last seasons placings……or form. Partick have lost players, their financial situation still be sorted too, I hope it is. The least detestable Glasgow club.
  6. Like I said, I felt like a right Fanny after it. Just told him how I felt, at the time I was justified. Then later I felt that could’ve been better. So mad yes
  7. Yea it was pretty much a month later. Never ever want to go back to that. I can still see the look on his face
  8. I shudder to think back to that devastating period of our clubs history. I met A#%¥*a at a petrol station in Dalgety Bay, he had a couple of his erm “players” with him. Well anyway I told him and his cronies quite loudly to get F out of my club. He just looked in stunned silence, I did feel like a Fanny after it though
  9. Just hope we’re not in another situation where signing defenders is a major problem. The priority was Forwards and Defenders. We’ve done/or doing 1. But we seem to struggle in defence. Heard a few names being bandied about, but haven’t heard anything else.
  10. We defo need experience at the back, a level head and a calming influence for the youngsters.
  11. Anybody ITK about the defensive situation. Good to see the team back together. This positivity is infectious.
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