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  1. A lot of players on holiday...however!!!
  2. Used the wrong club. So needed to be custom fit mizunos
  3. Cheers fir that Be prepared for a very extended version. Gallagher goal is unreal.
  4. It was the wee neds probably who every club have. They probably haven't been at ground all season. Everyone else enjoyed there day and were too busy celebrating for any stupid stuff.
  5. StranraerFC on YouTube in the morning. Gopro plus highlights
  6. You are near the mark it was over 2k nearer 2300 think they said 1871 but that was being cheeky because of the 1870 formed. Looked like 350 EK.
  7. Get it right up the grim reaper. Thanks for coming.clown
  8. There is 900 new seats which you see right and middle along top. There is app a further 600 seats needing replaced. Due to lack of funds the club weren't able to replace all 1500. As temp measure they have removed as many as they can just now. Leaving just plain concrete steps. On the right some of guys who help out the groundsman have put a few seat bases onto steps as some sort of seating.
  9. Cheers might need some o that raer whisky on Saturday. Ek are decent by the way. Garbage ground size wise but team is full of useful players.
  10. StranraerFC FITBA bar in town north strand St. Pavilion bar will be too busy probably very small. The Pub 10minute walk from ground. Royal Hotel. Craigenelder meals and drink. Oh and BTW thanks for the support.
  11. Cheers. We are hoping it's just cramp. Stranraer were stretched squad wise. No Ben Armour, Scott Robertson, Kyle Girvan, Murray Miller or Chris Johnston.
  12. Doesnt need tickets printed away end holds maybe 1700. Home 2500.. it actually could hold over 5000 but police limit it to 4200. Same pricrs as first leg agreed for by both teams.
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