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  1. There's car parking at the ground, or plenty of side streets near the ground
  2. Can confirm the police stood and did nothing, leaving 2 female stewards to run after the bus trying to stop the bottles and stones being thrown at the bus. I have seen video footage and pictures and can confirm the large pie eating youth was the ringleader as for the game, one to easily forget for Montrose. Worst I’ve seen in a long time, with Stirling winning due to being slightly less poor than us
  3. I would imagine finance played a big part in that. We were never going to make a permanent signing in the window and perhaps the bigger clubs wanted full payment of wages for anyone going out on loan
  4. It wasn’t our sub keeper, it was Alex Balfour. Very bad from what I’ve heard, ankle seemingly round the wrong way
  5. Seems my attendance comment has opened up a can of worms. By no means was it meant to be a competition, and our attendances have certainly gotten smaller this season. As many people have mentioned or questioned is how Cove manage to continue a hybrid model with a smaller gate income, but as has been mentioned in this thread, income is raised with the likes of corporate hospitality etc
  6. Great result for Montrose, full points from back to back 6 pointers is just amazing. As good as Montrose were, Cove were rotten. Could and maybe should have been 5 up at the break. Couldn’t fault anyone in the Montrose squad, good to see another couple of youngsters coming off the bench How poor are the crowds at cove? Ok, we’re not much better but Montrose must have had more fans there than Cove? On to next week and a very winnable match v Annan
  7. What a game! It had nearly everything. Could have gone either way I guess but Montrose just that bit more clinical in front of goal. No idea what the straight red was for, was it a kick out or dissent? I was fearing the worst when Sammon came on, thought he was bound to score and then thought Alloa’s keeper had snatched a draw at the end. Another massive game next week against cove to look forward to. Hopefully Luke Graham’s injury isn’t too serious. Lastly, hope all is well with our elderly fan who suffered what appeared to be a medical emergency in the second half and was stretchered away
  8. the loan window is open until the end of February. I don't think getting Miller back would be out of the question, he hasn't featured in the Dundee United squads since returning to them. I guess in any loan deal it'll all depend on how much of a wage contribution we are expected to make
  9. Any official highlights so we can actually see the action?
  10. unfortunately the postponement doesn't help getting the suspensions over with quickly
  11. Cammy F Ballantyne being released by St Johnstone by the looks of it, worth a punt??
  12. looking forward to this match. At the time of the draw I was more optimistic than now, Morton have put together a decent spell of form since the draw now though. Be interesting to see what team Montrose can put out, not sure who is/isn't injured or suspended
  13. Usually we do it all at the end of the window. With Towler going back to Aberdeen and Thomson back to United I’d hope to see 2 other loan players come in at least
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