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  1. We've been absolute garbage again. Every game right now's a hard watch :/
  2. This team right now is not a title winning side. Every game right now is a hard watch. Piss poor all round
  3. So, its seems we really do have no interest in SvH, instead it seems we are signing the guy Norwich city are punting (Adam Idah) to make room for SvH. Couldn't make this shit up, had a quick look at a Norwich message board and this Idah chap sounds like hes absolute dug shite aswell. Not amused.
  4. Christ that was desperate stuff, contender for worst performance of the season. RC will be kicking themselves how they've left empty handed. Home form is now becoming a huge concern though.
  5. Will be interesting to see how Kwon does, was a real head scratcher of a signing. Until he appeared on the bench the last 2 games he hadn't been seen since pre-season. Will be make or break for the guy already
  6. Badly need an early goal tomorrow. If it's looking like it going to be 0-0 going into HT again people are going to get restless pretty quickly. There's rumblings Hatate could be on the bench tomorrow which would be huge
  7. WE WON A GAME!!!!! and it was the worst we'd played at home this campaign aswell. Football eh?
  8. Kilmarnock absolutely skooshed that. That backline will lose us the League Johnston aside they're all REALLY fucking bad. Special mention though to Greg Taylor, c**t marauders all over the park as if he's Lionel Messi and left Killies best player Armstrong with all the room in the world over and over again. Brainless, what can I say
  9. f**k me man we always give you a chance. But at the end of the day I'll take it
  10. Well I see the final game is now a total dead rubber. Maybe we might win a game now?
  11. No damage done this weekend then Thanks for that Aberdeen
  12. We're almost in 2024 and we're still bringing on Mikey Johnson hoping for him to make an impact. Just knew as soon as Motherwell got that corner what was coming next. Huffed and puffed all game without really creating anything, get the goal and immediately concede to Motherwell's first attack in the 2nd half
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