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  1. If he had played pish I wouldn’t of even mentioned him or any other player who played pish and their was a fair few of them. Higgins is at best average and should of been told to shut his mouth by the captain once he first opened it and not allowed to speak to a young player like that. The midfield was pretty non existent today think maybe Agnew and one of the other 2 centre midfielders who started today would of been more balanced.
  2. Not bothered about the result dealt with them for years but I won’t contribute to a c**t like that’s wages.
  3. The last game I’ll be at while Chris Higgins is at the club, threatening dowds after Higgins ‘pass’ went over his head and out the park
  4. I think Galahad should of got that decision shouldn’t be any of the usual ‘never done enough to beat the champion’
  5. Have I picked it up wrong or are you saying it’s questionable that Daryll Meggat is better than junior football?
  6. Don’t they do it through some sort of finance company? Basically getting a loan and paying it back with the club getting it all at when the season tickets purchased
  7. Wouldn’t mind morgyn neill from stenhousemuir not sure if he’s under contract though
  8. We’re needing another striker but with Wallace and dowds I can’t see it being someone who would likely be on a good wage.
  9. Don’t think we’d have much chance of getting him
  10. Not too bothered about docherty leaving and probably frees up a decent wage
  11. Who would pay a transfer fee for any of those players? I would think they would more than likely just be released.
  12. Would be delighted with Wallace signing, only been saying this for the last 3 years!
  13. Happy with a proper winger being signed up already
  14. Not really related to the thread title but I’m planning on moving also house going on market ASAP but what’s the situation with putting a bid in for a house when my house is only still on the market?
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