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  1. Thanks for the points guys, greatly appreciated. If only we could play you every week. We will be seeing you next season. Ray McKinnon far too good for your small outfit.
  2. Better team won, Dumbarton manipulated referee miles better than rose. Hope your guys enjoy there win bonus tonight. See you next season and remember you guys are our level now
  3. You should have backed Dumbarton big Time to win the league ya fanny? See you next year you bell end
  4. Cracking player but what was the outcome of his yellow card court case?
  5. I have a better idea than most on the inner workings of the bookies and it not guesswork
  6. My knickers are not in a twist. I was just highlighting your misinformed statement. The bookies are far better informed than you. I look forward to finishing the season above your lot, didn’t go too well for you last time we met and that was about 5 leagues apart
  7. I watch most Bonnyrigg games and I really have no idea if we will be battling for 2nd bottom or top.
  8. They are not odds on favourites for a start, 3/1 at best. When they are released as favourites the bookies arent reacting to money placed. As far as I can see there is no great change in prices since opening which would be a reaction to the money placed with the bookies.
  9. Yes mate, the bookies know f**k all. They just have a rough stab in the dark? Laughable statement
  10. How long since the playoff with Dalkeith ? Changed days since
  11. Not that it will make a difference in the grand scheme
  12. Of course it effects them, they are a LL team. A bit early to suggest they are are league two team yet.
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