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  1. I know, but since our last Hampden trip I’ve moved to the Shawlands area and want to avoid traipsing halfway across Glasgow if I can avoid it. Scoped out a couple of Celtic-leaning pubs which should be ***-free at least
  2. Wonder if any of yous can help me - are all the pubs around Shawlands/Queens Park/Govanhill likely to be crawling with **** on Sunday pre match? Looking for a place that doesn’t necessarily have to be dons-friendly, more ****-unfriendly. Any leads?
  3. Howdy - long time no post couldn’t see a match thread for the *** game this weekend. Anybody ken if any of the pubs in Shawlands/Govanhill/Queens Park area are likely to be Dandy friendly? Or is it *** central that way?
  4. A little off topic but what’s the usual process for away fans buying tickets? Wanting to head to the Dees game in a couple weeks with some dark blue pals and can’t see anything about tickets on either website yet. Is it usually PATG? Would think Dundee would bring a big crowd.
  5. Its Christian and its not even close - the guy is a dreamboat
  6. I am fully aboard the Dante Polvara train - toot toot the juggernaut is coming through!
  7. I had “He is a Belgian…..” in my head for a couple of days to the tune of Belter and I fuckin hated it. We should nnoott be adopting that tune for anything.
  8. Sorry I’m confused about this, would you be able to explain further?
  9. See this was what I didnt miss when we were consistent under McInnes until the last couple seasons. Incessant speculation over whether the manager is doing a good or a bad job. hes here, he aint going anywhere. Dons need to get more pace and creativity into the team. Samuels, hedges and Watkins can all provide that. Maybe he moves Ojo back into the mf three to provide a bit more creativity and drive from deep?
  10. I think had Ash Taylor in my mind but in all honesty it was an amalgamation of twenty years worth of centre halves who fit that profile to varying degrees of success.
  11. Sure, but we’re not in a place where we can expect our defence not to concede silly goals this season. Two very inexperienced (albeit exciting) full backs and two centre halves getting zero protection from midfield. I’d rather it was McCrorie making mistakes that he learns from than Clogger McDumpling age 31 maybe making like a quarter fewer mistakes but at the peak of his powers, plus he canna pass the ball. You’re right on 1) though, there’s a chance he won’t make the transition. It happens. We move on. He goes back into midfield next season when Fergie leaves or Broon retires. I think there’s enough evidence to show that he at the very least can establish himself at Aberdeen in the position, particularly if we’re to play a back 3 semi regularly. You need ball players in that formation, you couldn’t have Devlin Considine Gallagher there.
  12. McCrorie has been hot and cold this season at CB but that’s acceptable for two reasons: 1) it’s his first full season in the position and he’s going to have to make mistakes and learn fro them 2) when he’s looked good, he’s looked really fucking good eg v Hearts at Tynecastle I wonder if Glass has spoken to him and talked about the likelyhood of him making it to a high level in the game. More likely to get into the Scotland team as a ball playing centre half than another centre mid imo. If he can keep developing he’ll be in contention for sure.
  13. McGrath’s not even THAT good, penalty merchant who is FINE but not worth breaking bank for.
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