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  1. How did Waters and Aubrey play? Both had good games , keeper saved a pen and Aubrey as I said comfortable, Drumchapel didn't pose much of a threat, expected more
  2. Kilsyth Rangers 4 Drumchapel Utd 0 A great performance from Kilsyth today, very comfortable throughout, Drumchapel did miss a penalty an the Kilsyth keeper had one more save to make of note, alot of noise coming from these teams who are stepping up a level, but Kilsyth eased to victory, wish Drumchapel all the best for the season, it's not all about who's got the most money
  3. Kilsyth Rangers 4 Drumchapel Utd 0 Full time Comfortable
  4. Kilsyth Rangers 4 Drumchapel utd 0 OG
  5. Kilsyth Rangers 3 Drumchapel Utd 0 Wullie Sawyers hat trick
  6. Kilsyth Rangers 2 Drumchapel Utd 0 Wullie Saywers double
  7. I know that, you know that, I want to know where the poster who said Craigmark have signed both players got his information from but he seems to have disappeared
  8. Where are you getting that information about Wullie Sawyers?
  9. Another thread appears about Darvel, , some peoples obsession has went too far
  10. I think you'll find that statement is wrong, but that's for another thread in another forum
  11. Brilliant news for our former striker Salim Kouider Aissa who has now impressed on trial and secured a 2 year deal at premiership Livingston, scored over 40 goals for us in the season before last and has now went from junior to premier league, I wish him every success, good luck Sal.
  12. ^^^^^ which one are you, what was your previous name on the original Darvel thread
  13. Yes it does, you have already stated that the downside to 5 being relegated means at the end of season 2021/22, 5 would need to be relegated from the conferences to balance the leagues?
  14. The club would like to welcome new signings Martyn Shields, midfielder signed from Petershill, and striker Gary Stewart signed from Thorniewood
  15. Those are most of the players signed for the new season when it happens, the current squad list with additions to come is David Tait David Waters Chris Reid Mark Tyrrell Stuart Conway Scott Upton Ryan Deas Martyn Shields Gavin Mackie Franny Kelly Nicky Prentice Richard Kane Willie Sawyers Gary Stewart
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