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  1. They've not tended to use the same players so I would hope both could live side by side. Having said that, I dont know who was in the Tarbert side this year after the withdrawal - a few of the LRS side ended up at Cambeltown from what I saw. GGP is the right move for Red Star. Good they're back, always enjoy a wander down to watch when dates match.
  2. Our debut EP is now out. We first formed in 2002 and split a few years later, without ever releasing anything. We reformed over Lockdown. The EP and the first few albums will be material from the early days, though some is re-recorded. https://music.amazon.co.uk/albums/B0D2QJ3XG7?ref=dm_sh_2c8d-54ee-aa4b-7037-f3b3c https://music.apple.com/us/album/welcome-to-honey-society-ep/1743326638 https://honeysociety.bandcamp.com/album/welcome-to-honey-society Among others! We had a very kind review in the Daily Record in 2004 before life got in way and we went our separate ways.
  3. My band are going to be releasing our first EP this next month or two. This is one of the tracks off it.
  4. My local amateur team, Lochgilphead Red Star, resigned from the Scottish Premier AFA a few weeks back. I haven't spoken directly to anyone involved about it, but I understand from speaking to people around and about that it boiled down to the two main threats to a club's existence - people to run the club after those that had been doing so took a step back, and people to turn up to play, especially following the loss of some players over the summer. There was also the issue of Red Star going from the weak SAFL where they were strong to the top division of the new set-up and finding themselves losing heavily a few times in the opening games. That led to occasions where a team could not be raised. All of the above compiled led to the decision to fold for 2023-24. Tarbert had taken time out from the SAFL a few years back and tried to come back last season without luck. They switched to the Greater Glasgow set-up and seem to be doing ok for now. I understand Red Star will return, but where?
  5. Prayers answered and a text version was provided:
  6. They might be giants... but we are Scotland.
  7. I have no idea if this is parody. That is where we are in Scottish football
  8. where are Le CB Edusport playing in 23-24 or has the French Connection hit the buffers?
  9. Not sure current rules but new members often have to wait a few years for voting rights.
  10. https://www.pollokfc.com/2023/05/27/club-statement-on-proposed-conference-league/
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