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  1. If you meet a Lithuanian don't tell me the first topic of conversation is anything other than Vladimir Romanov. Wait till I throw Mikolaunas and Jankauskas into the mix, that'll really rev her engine
  2. Does anyone have a photo, or any knowledge, of Vladimir Romanov wearing a weird Lithuanian animal skull head dress? I'm sure I saw a photo once Any photos and/or information about this animal is needed urgently. I'm trying to get my hole you see
  3. Still dangling from the hook that was cast weeks ago Welcome back to your natural level Not that you're raging or that
  4. Was Pat Clarke shite then? Against Clyde at Broadwood he played in centre mid which I thought was very strange - has he been dumped in there all season, or had he been given a fair crack as a striker as well?
  5. The thing is, the SFA/SPL can fine him all they want. But these soundbites will have the ever-suggestible Orcs eating out of his hand, which is far more valuable to him than a few fines are to the governing bodies
  6. Has this been brought to the forum's attention yet? Scottish Football Monitor I've just been made aware of it by a mate, seemingly it's the must-read continuation of the Rangers Tax Case blog
  7. FFS grandad, get with it! No8. is right, every click on their website is recorded. The more hits they get, the more advertising revenue they receive. That's why it fries my nut when people post a link to a story in the Record...just C&P the actual article on here and stop dozens of others from clicking on said link! Amateurs
  8. You forgot to say you read it at work/glanced at it in the shop, but didn't buy it. You didn't actually buy it, right?
  9. The Clyde fan? That's a name I haven't heard in ages! Nah, it wasn't him (I hope)
  10. He got a bit..Huñ-nish...when the conversation turned to rangers, but he was an otherwise normal, coherent guy, which is why I was concerned that there might be a sliver of truth in it. I suspect it's still a load of pish, mind.
  11. I was speaking to a guy in the pub last night who was telling me that The Rangers are about to float on the stock market and will generate at least £20m due to the assets of the company, and every time they sign a player like Sh els their value rises. I know pretty much nothing about the stock exchange, but surely to f**k that can't be true? He also said that HMRC absolutely cannot punish the Newco and that they're on target to sell 30,000 season tickets
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