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  1. I'd had a long day so didn't actually watch it, just saw the water-skiing wifie getting eaten and then Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 had finished so my wife deigned to talk to me. Can't believe I missed Jaws eating a helicopter- serves me right for talking to my wife.
  2. I think it was John Beattie I heard on the radio discussing this being a ticking time bomb for athletics in popular and will become one of the biggest issues in sport. I think it was following the case of the 400m runner with the unnaturally high testosterone levels. To exclude her would be discriminatory and the next step would be trans people bringing a legal case.
  3. Last time I looked, Tesco had 12 yo Highland Park and Bowmore for £25 and 10 yo Laphroaig for £28. Pretty good whisky for the price.
  4. The Juke gets a reasonable write-up but only some models are actually 4x4 so you would need to check.
  5. Flicking the channels and stumbled on Jaws 2. Tremendous music- you can just tell the water skiing bird's getting it.
  6. Just arrived in Edinburgh and saw a group of people standing outside the station. It looks as there's a few families of Well fans through early, I thought. Naw, f'ing Harry Potter tour.
  7. She's 46 - must have had a hard paper round. Had to laugh at the son filling the hole with Lego.
  8. The UK adopted European design codes to replace a lot of British Standards years ago. I still get annoyed by the decimal comma.
  9. Yeah, forgot about that! Why the hell was he adding "a few drops of gasoline " into each bottle and saying it as though it's a perfectly reasonable ingredient to add?
  10. 20 dollars a bottle and they're trying to kid on they didn't think there was anything dodgy in it? Aye, right. [emoji41] Quite impressed he lives in a tree house with his Mexican pornos though.
  11. I don't normally get anything at the football for those very reasons but I hadn't managed to get my lunch on Saturday as I was doing something that took longer than expected so bought a pie before kick-off at Livingston. £2.50 for a rather disappointing steak pie. My afternoon didn't get any better either.
  12. I heard it via my wife's friend's husband. No reason to doubt it (apart from it being ridiculous) but I don't know him personally and I accept it sounds like a friend of a friend of a friend type story.
  13. I'm hoping it's apocryphal but supposedly there's a child in the Greenock area called La-a. It's pronounced Ladasha according to the mother.
  14. What a ridiculous cycle lane. I know where that is and the road is so quiet it doesn't need a cycle lane. The money could have been far better spent elsewhere- that's just a box-ticking exercise to say they've provided a continuous cycle route.
  15. And she pocketed the money from that charity fundraiser we all did recently.
  16. He knew how to get round the train congestion in Edinburgh and now you've gone and told him how to get round the Hampden crowds as well. Next you'll be telling away supporters about the easy parking in Whitehill that lets you get out to the expressway quickly.
  17. Not really as it's what we agree to when we sign the contract. Some people work longer hours than what I'm contracted for and some have a shorter working week. In any case, I generally work past 5 if I'm busy but some of the others are out of there on the button.
  18. We get to finish at 4.30pm on a Friday! Although we do start at 8.45am every day.
  19. Has the video been edited or has the camera managed to register their presence and follow them? Would that not trigger some alarm in the security company's control centre?
  20. Yeah, my Christmas night got a bit messy in The Grove last year but I've been in Strip Joint a few times- pizzas are good too. Enjoy!
  21. I've only recently started listening to a few of the podcasts, including the Andy Robertson one, and enjoyed them but maybe it helps that I can't see them. I tend to download them and listen to them in the car to help pass the time when I'm out and about so watching them isn't really an option.
  22. Don't be surprised if they let her go and replace her with somebody younger and cheaper. Sounds ridiculous to think that can apply to an 18 year old.
  23. That's a lovely pint in there - Krusovice is it not? Sounds like an expensive day! The Grove might help with that.
  24. Just as well we're not cramming a huge number of games into the next month or so then. Oh, wait a minute....
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