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  1. What sort of board sanctions some signings but refuses others based on their opinions over the manager's?
  2. Absolutely. I'd rather have a club to support in the Championship than no club at all.
  3. I thought that as well but didn't want to say anything as I'd quite rightly be told he'd had less than half a game of football. But if he's buggered off then he's fair game! Completely one-footed and wanted to beat someone several times so he could get it back to his left.
  4. A bit more Right Said Fred. I think they played together in a home cup tie against a lower league side and were absolutely rotten.
  5. When you say "the first Yogi Hughes " do you mean the one that played for Celtic in the 60's?
  6. You need to keep this chat for when you play St Mirren and you can get a contribution from Captain Sensible. That will take discussion to another level (not necessarily higher).
  7. Cheers, proper strike partnership's goal. Wee Dougie loved a goal against the Old Firm. Almost as many as a Softie o.g.!
  8. We AreNot amused. We need someone (with better technical skills than me) to post a clip of that goal against Rangers (in their lilac strip) where Coyne plays a first time ball across goal for him to knock in.
  9. Doncaster was ceded to Scotland in 1136 by King Stephen and never formally handed back. I think that was the gist of their claim.
  10. I believe they don't want to pay for the policing they would have for the men's games.
  11. Rangers cancelling the tickets for the Celtic supporters for their upcoming SWPL game due to a 'risk' group of supporters attending. I'm not sure what is more tinpot- cancelling the tickets, a group of fans attending a women's game intent on causing bother or their inability to deal with them. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/68325218
  12. Motherwell are at Tynecastle tomorrow and have Celtic at home next Sunday. Difficult fixtures after that as well - not many points coming our way for the foreseeable. Too many draws and not enough 3 points taking its toll (not being able to see out a 3 goal lead certainly doesn't help).
  13. Motherwell are unbeaten and that's half the problem - too many draws,
  14. Run of the mill Rangers win or 6 goal thriller with VAR controversy (which they love). It's obvious isn't it?
  15. So our midfield will be over-run again like the last game against you?
  16. Motherwell support seems suitably steaming.
  17. Enough to know the reference related to Seinfeld though which is more than me! I had no idea what they were on about, was assuming it was about some player from hibs or somewhere like that who I'd never heard of. Constanza sounds like a shitey Hibs winger. Maybe Dundee United.
  18. I appreciate you might not know about the away end but please tell me you're not one of those clubs that open 1 or 2 turnstiles despite knowing there's going to be a good away support (wave to St Mirren).
  19. Won't put the game in doubt but bad enough to make standing on open terracing/bench seating facing the wind a ball-ache. Bring back the shared shed!
  20. Just think of the crowd if this had been played on a Saturday afternoon.
  21. Says a lot for the quality available in the out of contract market.
  22. What the hell is going on? Sportsound and the Scottish BBC news said it was coming on. Even my tv's programme planner is still showing it as being on at 11. Hopefully it's on after this or something is getting thrown at the telly if The Agency: Unfiltered comes on.
  23. I thought Paton was excellent in the second half on Saturday and I can't see him losing his place for this game after that.
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