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  1. I'm hoping we're aiming a bit higher than the current version of James Scott and that the ongoing clear-out is to allow us to bring us in a few higher quality players rather than hunners of dross. Mind you, I won't be that surprised if I'm completely wrong.
  2. Is he that guy that Kettlewell told Scott Burns we had no interest in him?
  3. I couldn't remember for sure whether they came from St Mirren or Rangers but Rangers seemed even more of an over-reaction! Your explanation makes sense though.
  4. Chic Young was making it out to be WW3. They were bringing in police reinforcements from Paisley for someone tripping over a bench.
  5. It's amazing how a good start can get the fans excited. We took a chance on someone called Scott McDonald and he came on and scored a debut goal in a cup game at Perth. On the flip side, there's David Ferrere. Lots of excitement that didn't really amount to much.
  6. Is that supposed to be him signing his loan deal? A bit odd when surely it's just worked out between the clubs. There was talk before of English clubs being limited to 5 cross-border loan deals which made me think 'fair enough, Mika potentially prevents a deal for a first team player from Germany or Spain'. But no, this deal shows I was being too kind in giving them the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Are we allowed to play triallists in the cup? Any chance of the German boy making an appearance as Tony Riallist?
  8. I've just come home and my wife is watching Sunshine Getaways With Amanda Lamb. SUNSHINE GETAWAYS. It's in Edinburgh!
  9. I can see him getting a loan deal with a Scottish club but probably not us. My money would be Aberdeen, particularly if someone comes in with money for Miovski in the last week of January and they go for the lazy option. I can see Aberdeen being precisely the sort of place he could go in the huff.
  10. Other than the last paragraph, is that not his statement from around Christmas time?
  11. Remember, this time last year, Hammell brought in a whole stack of players but wasn't able to improve the performances or results, despite some of them going on to be good signings. We need to hope Kettlewell can get a tune out of whoever he does bring in this time around as well otherwise we're looking at a repeat of changing manager again.
  12. I'm assuming I'm a bit older than you as I have a vague memory of my dad taking me to a Scottish Cup game at Recreation Park which we won 2-0. My only memory is that you paid in to the terracing and then there was a separate entrance inside the ground where you paid an extra 50p if you wanted to go into the stand. I gave up expecting to win against any team long ago so no shaking in my boots from me. I'll just be watching the game through my fingers, if I take my boots I might make the bench.
  13. If Wilkinson is the answer, I'm not sure what the question is. There has to be someone out there we can get in at least on a par.
  14. Agreed he'd be an improvement on any of the other forwards we have (assuming the Mika departure rumours are correct).
  15. I know it's highly unlikely we're going to sign KVV anyway but am I the only one thinking he possibly hit a purple patch with us and he's more likely to be the slightly off the pace, huffy bugger version?
  16. Going by recent events (at other clubs as well, not just the Biereth rumours), it's looking like season-long deals aren't worth the paper they're written on.
  17. I don't know how reliable The Star is but they also have other Championship clubs interested in that article. I didn't realise Biereth is London-born, just assumed he'd come over from Denmark at a young age.
  18. My memories of seeing Halliday is that he's quite good at scoring from late runs from midfield but not much of a midfield presence. Could be quite tidy with Spittal and Miller/Paton but we'd need Davor or Butcher to be doing a lot of donkey work behind them.
  19. That's good to hear The one thing I'm taking from the Andy Halliday chat is I'm amazed the amount of people that say they listen to Super Scoreboard.
  20. Didn't know he was into Harry Potter. He might have an appropriate scarf already I suppose.
  21. You've certainly got a point. It would hopefully avoid the formation tombola through necessity but, as we saw in some of the recent games, we don't have subs to change things when the legs have gone.
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