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  1. I thought it was the other way round to be honest. As you say, you were nowhere near your best - even McInnes said you deserved a point but no more. While hardly peppering your goal with shots, I thought we created a bit more and looked slightly more likely. Most 'Well fans seemed to consider it an opportunity missed but we're all too accustomed to a score draw.
  2. That reads as though we've signed him to play further forward with Gent behind, possibly with them switching at times.
  3. I didn't think the wind had been particularly affected the game until a point in the second half when Gent headed the ball out of the box, the wind blew back it back in, past Kelly and everyone else causing chaos. We'd had the upper hand at the start of the second half but this seemed to give Killie (and their fans) a boost and we looked very nervous at balls into the box afterwards.
  4. When we still had Spencer, SOD was regularly on the bench and came on to help shore things up or allow us to change it around if it wasn't happening for Spencer. I'm guessing they're looking to put him back on the bench to build a squad and Elliott maybe doesn't look up to it yet.
  5. Have there even been any names of strikers that we're linked with? Every other signing seems to be public knowledge before being announced.
  6. I seriously hope so. I could be doing with going to bed but feel I have to see this out.
  7. Right, I'm back from IKEA, we've only signed a right-back and they had ran out of cinnamon buns. What's going on here?
  8. Right, I've somehow been talked into going to IKEA where mobile phone reception is sketchy at best, by the time I come out I want us to have announced a right back, left back and a proven goalscorer. Failing that, I'm eating my own body weight in hot dogs and ice cream.
  9. The Scott Burns tweet from last night had me looking forward to today to see what random jobbers we would bring in and convince ourselves are going to save our season but the suggestion of KVV going to Hearts, St Mirren or Killie has fair dampened my enthusiasm. You would have thought we could at least match any offer from St Mirren and would have an emotional pull, is Billy Bowie pouring money into Kilmarnock that puts them well above us financially?
  10. Here we go. Another last day of the transfer window refreshing my phone every 10 minutes
  11. To be honest, Robinson taking Spittal to Aberdeen sounds more sensible.
  12. Other than Dundee, I'm not really aware of anyone doing much business of note. I can see a few clubs not really doing much tomorrow and a few picking up a few late desperation signings. I'm a bit worried that if we were signing anyone half-decent we would have announced them by now.
  13. That article mentions "the two Scottish giants " so that either rules us out or the guy likes a bit of hyperbole! It doesn't excite me but I can see the sense in Brophy as back-up or an option off the bench as we can't continue with only one fit first team forward.
  14. Which players did Ferguson take from St Mirren? Peter Weir and there was a blond centre forward I can't remember the name of. Anyone else? Stark was a few years later.
  15. I take it Spittal's contract is up at the end of this season?
  16. A draw please. As we know, turning draws into the odd win could make a huge difference so I'd like all games between teams around us to be draws.
  17. Was it not that pillar of the community Michelle Mone that reported him? How many arseholes can you randomly have in a car park at the one time?
  18. I was really impressed by Killie in the first half of that early game but we changed things at half time and a draw would have been fair (a late winner is always welcome though). We've regressed since then though and are plagued by injuries so are relying on making some decent signings this week. This game will probably come too soon for them but we desperately need to change some of our draws into victories.
  19. The Record has Nahmani leaving St. Mirren but possibly staying in Scotland. We're not specially mentioned but it sounds right up our street.
  20. Alan Preston was getting excited on the radio about some new St. Johnstone player who he said was lightning quick. Is that him and is he his agent?
  21. Wiki also has Davor as 5'9" so I'm not sure what to make of Wiki.
  22. That'll be Gent back to left back after his one game on the wing.
  23. I saw that and couldn't believe how blatant the mistake was. At least they play in blue and white- close enough
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