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  1. Yeah, it's difficult not to get carried away with rumours when there's nothing else happening transfer wise. That's all they are at this stage - rumours. Biereth and Slattery.
  2. Or they saw some of the games where we continually launched it over his head? There have been times when I've come out of games thinking 'Surely this isn't what Arsenal are looking for for his development '?
  3. That's quite impressive actually. I suppose they hold all the cards and can do whatever they want.
  4. I've read (well, listened to audiobooks in the car) the first 12 books and found the last two (this was from book 11) to be a downturn in quality. They are very formulaic anyway but there's a definite feeling of clues being presented when required as someone mentioned so i was surprised they chose this. I've not watched any of series 2 but will give it a go as I enjoyed the first series.
  5. Did Arsenal not do something similar before with a player on loan at County who they recalled and loaned out to Hibs in January (presumably for more money)?
  6. The club won't announce anything until there is something to announce. One of the normally trusted journalists (Burns or McGarry, can't remember which one) posted we had nothing to worry about regarding Biereth. We'll just have to wait and see.
  7. An average of slightly over 3 fouls per game, I'm surprised it's not higher.
  8. Incredible story and I'm amazed he's not more generally known. Considering it was obviously in the media at the time, it seems like a forgotten story. Also on iPlayer, I watched My Old School recently and still can't get my head round how it was all able to happen. I can remember it being in the news but couldn't remember the details. It's the story of a 32yo pretending to be school age to go back to school in Bearsden. Told through interviews with classmates and teachers, animation and Alan Cummings voice-syncing the guy's interview. Bonkers.
  9. Was he the guy that supposedly didn't want to stay in Scotland?
  10. Now you're talking. I don't think she's ever had a roll and mince.
  11. Oops! You're right. Now, is a midweek trip to Pittodrie more or less romantic than Fir Park?
  12. Now I need to persuade my wife that a trip to Fir Park is a romantic night out . Only joking tbh. Gave up on any pretence of romance years ago.
  13. Who is the young right-back we loaned to Stirling? Any word on how he's been doing? Would we recall him?
  14. I saw him outside Firhill at lunchtime a few weeks ago and it took me a few seconds to remember where I recognised him from. I wouldn't be surprised to see him move on in January, clearly not in the plans.
  15. My (sort of) uncle was governor there for a while. I took my grandparents to his funeral as my parents were on holiday but it was in Aberdeen so didn'tmake it to Peterhead. We stopped in Airdrie on the way back and my gran stopped Alex Salmond (he was canvassing for a by-election) and asked him if he knew any good tearooms. I didn't know where to look.
  16. Due to a combination of Motherwell away games, work and cycling (for some of the more local on the list), I've been to all of those on that list but, as someone mentioned, some of the figures seem rather on date. I'm also confused by the complete omission of Coatbridge which I thought would be mid-ranking. On that list, the only place I've not been to is Peterhead - am I missing much? Generally, I've not seen much of the northwest of Scotland other than a trip up the A9 to Thurso many moons ago and a visit to Gairloch for a wedding and I've not visited many of the Borders towns like Melrose and Hawick. I need to get myself up to Dingwall for a game at County some day but I'm not bothered about many of the others.
  17. We had a family trip to watch this tonight and also really enjoyed it. Same writing team as Paddington 2 and, while not quite as good (that's a very high bar though), it's great fun. Some familiar faces from Paddington 2 and Ghosts due to the writing team and Hugh Grant absolutely steals the show again. Be warned, this is a bit of a musical (I'm not generally a fan) but the songs are written by Neil Hannon and are fine (but not a patch on My Lovely Horse).
  18. He looked honking at County midweek and that was absolutely criminal yesterday. It feels like he hasn't come out for a ball in months then he throws himself at something he's got no chance of getting to. I love to see 'Well players appearing for Scotland but I wouldn't have him anywhere near the team.
  19. The link a few posts above to the Scotland's coefficient post on twitter explains the tickets available in the ballot (I've applied but it doesn't sound good) and how to swap tickets- you probably need to meet face-to-face to avoid being scammed.
  20. No success in getting Hungary Cat 1 tickets so couldn't have been that many left. Have applied for the ballot now.
  21. I'm in the waiting room for the Hungary game.
  22. I think it was 11.45am yesterday. Does anyone know from yesterday whether you can immediately start the process or need to wait until 12?
  23. I've had a change of heart overnight for pretty much my ow version of your reasons above. My dad's perfectly healthy but is elderly now and we might never get the chance to do this again and we wouldn't make the trip without tickets - if you lump the ticket cost in, it's part of the cost of the trip. I'm hoping that the 11 pointers had finished their business by yesterday evening so hopefully those Cat 1 tickets for the Hungary game are still available for today (I'm on 10 points). Hopefully someone who has bought tickets can help me. I looked at the UEFA website last night to see what is involved in the ballot. Now when I log in it takes me straight to my half-finished application for the ballot with no other options. Does the SFA email with the code take you to a portal solely for the SFA allocation?
  24. How many people are willing to pay 200 euros per ticket though?
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