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  1. Cheers. I think it'll be the ballot for me - not paying those prices! Does anyone know how many tickets are up for grabs in this round of the ballot?
  2. Do you know what categories are left for Hungary? Is it just Cat 1?
  3. Is there a recommended system for applying I.e. PC, tablet, phone etc.? Anyone had any problems using one of these? It might be easier for me to sit with my non-techy dad and us both apply at the same time.
  4. I think there's a lot of people won't be able to go to all three games. I've got a family holiday shortly after so can't take a week and a half off to go to all the group games. I imagine there a lot in the same boat.
  5. I'm on 10 points and was always hoping that not everyone on higher points would go to all three games and some of the higher price tickets. Hopefully that's the case and I'll see what's available on Saturday. If it's only the ludicrously priced tickets I'll try the ballot although I haven't looked into that at all yet.
  6. I was just about to say the same thing, surely ITV are sticking with McCoist? He even seems popular with English viewers.
  7. I was meaning the home friendlies against Poland and England! How did he manage to spend that much unless it was away games, he doesn't live in Scotland or he went through a phenomenal amount of beer?
  8. I'm on 10 points and now regretting not going to the two meaningless friendlies in the list of eligible games - hindsight is a wonderful thing! The one thing that confuses me is why are the sales being launched during the day midweek when many people have jobs that don't allow them access to attempt to but tickets. I'm not sure when would be the ideal time but possibly a Saturday morning or an evening?
  9. I'm on 10 points and didn't get an email so it seems to be just 11 pointers is the issue. Obviously their difficulty is opening it out to 11 points means more members than tickets (if they're daft enough to pay for the higher category tickets).
  10. I think you might be right. The email I got had different figures without that anomaly. Not that I'd be paying that for a ticket.
  11. For the game in Cologne, the Cat 1 tickets seem to be more expensive with a restricted view (200 compared to 160 euros). What's the view restricted by, the dug-outs?
  12. So was it 2 qualifying in those days? Obviously NI qualified so surprising Portugal were third.
  13. We don't start playing until we're two down so the longer you leave it, the better for you. Is Naismith enough of a master tactician to realise this?
  14. The argument that has been made is that the approach to aerial challenges needs to change. If a player kicks the ball clear and follows through and makes contact with an opponent's challenging foot then you generally see a foul and often a booking. When the same thing happens with heads, which are obviously more dangerous to players, it's just seen as one of those things (as it was here).
  15. Somebody had to so no point in dragging it out. I don't actually think we'll win because I never do.
  16. Assessments look as they consist of asking a player if he knows who he is and how many fingers are being held up. In Butcher's interview he said he had nose broken at the Kilmarnock game and it was reset on the pitch. I'm glad I was far enough away that I couldn't see it.
  17. Wow, that's buttons. No wonder there's so many getting set off. I'm intrigued by the rockets section- can you imagine the reaction to those getting set off? I'm joking before anyone goes off on one.
  18. Out of interest, how much do these flares cost? Seems like a fair bit of money literally going up in smoke.
  19. Strategically placed! SPFL youtube highlights showed the banner quite clearly- fair play to them. Edit, sorry- it was Motherwell's video not the SPFL.
  20. We talked about this during the game on Saturday, seems too much of a coincidence for it not to be something deliberate. I've not heard it mentioned at all but you wonder if the refs tell them before the game or if the clubs were told before the season.
  21. Google Maps is trying to send me on crazy diversion as it says the M77 is closed near the junction. Anyone in the area know if this is correct?
  22. This is a shambles. Everyone off because the officials' communications aren't working.
  23. We're playing the wrong team for the zombie graphics. Think of the fun they could have had.
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