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  1. We're going to be royally fucked if it is to announce Thelin is staying Seriously, though, you'd think Aberdeen would get a speedily prepared press release out ahead of this as surely they don't want his appointment being confirmed by the club he is leaving. Mind you, it would probably be in keeping with the rest of this season for us
  2. And denying Hearts guaranteed European football until Xmas to boot
  3. Don't disagree, but it appears as if we're just going to be cannon fodder
  4. Not sure it's worth our while travelling down the A90 for this one
  5. Injured, out for a few weeks yet going by what he was saying on Red TV on Saturday
  6. Just checked fixture list and surprisingly no game coming up against the cheeks. Seriously wondered given the pish the weegie media are running with this morning, suggesting both halves are lining up a move for Bojan. One can't afford him, the other despite allegedly having £70m in the bank won't pay our asking price which is more than £4.4m Scottish record between clubs. If as rumoured we turned down £6m before the close of the summer window then you need to be starting north of that. We all know he is going to be sold, but given he has 30 months remaining on his contract we're not selling cheaply and personally think it is more likely to be summer 2024 in my opinion
  7. That's a horrendous stat for such a big club
  8. There is a fairly obvious point early on in your thread, where you really should have stopped typing
  9. Can't see it, not certain I'd want him to be honest, but almost worth it for the seethe it would cause them by being put in their place
  10. And still the **** on Follow Follow will be spouting off about how he wasn't good enough for him as the reason he didn't move there
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