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  1. Is that the ginger lad that plays up front for the dabs?
  2. Freedom. Allocate a stand and crack on from there.
  3. Roberts looks a player. Tell Yogi to bring him with him when he's bringing Vincent and Williams down. There's a good lad.
  4. £2M would be enough to buy DOONdee Yenitit. Sell Hemmings and takeover the filth.
  5. I see Greg Stewart's latched onto the DOON phrase Hartley's reaction is superb. Love the gaffer. Heard he said "They're shite. Get doon and stay doon" Edited out of the programme because of the colourful language.
  6. There's a video on YouTube filmed from the filths end as equalised in the 2 all game. Some scenes and noise in the mini Derry end.
  7. Syd me favourite was 'Yenitit's having a party, the Dee's are in their bed' at 2 nil in August. Of course we all know what happened next. Seemed to remember I was still in the shed and there was not a soul left in the Jamie Lee Fox stand or the allotment end. Pleasing.
  8. Who do you rate highest Wattie, having seen them all?
  9. Here comes our ex 'couldnae be arsed' captain into the frae. Only 60 mins to see out.
  10. Arturo woh ooh ooh, Arturo woh ooh ooh, He's came from Cordoba, To relegate the dabs....
  11. Nope. Knee cartlidge fucked, broken foot and dislocated shoulder which was sore as f**k by the way. Played the game with excessive force when it was a real man's game. Off the ground, two footed challenges unlike our Jazza.
  12. Woh, woh, woh cunty ba's. Yer "successful" team has only ever finished higher than 3rd in the top league ONCE in its pishy 106 years of existence....or is it 88 years???
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