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  1. Hartley had the players scheduled to be off until Thursday last week from the Hamilton game. 'Players in having weekend off shocker' tbf there's been a number off week's they've had the weekend off.
  2. Hartley had the players scheduled to be off until Thursday last week from the Hamilton game. 'Players in having weekend off shocker' tbf there's been a number off week's they've had the weekend off.
  3. To be fair to Bain the guy's giving him abuse when he reacted were OTT. Which got pointed out to them by others sitting around them in the Derry. It's not Bain's fault if they 2 punters couldn't work out that the ball was getting held up if it was played into the general area of the gap between the Derry and the Coxy. 1st time was when they wanted Bain to throw it about 30 yards to Kerr which was never going to reach there. Imo Bain was right, hence the backing he got from others in the Derry at the time.
  4. I'm the same but the other alternative that's been mentioned is O'Hara playing right back but I want him in midfield. Dryden might be another alternative who's had good write up's in the under 20s but I've never saw him play and don't know if he's a viable option.
  5. I think O'Hara could be what we are looking for in a ball winning midfielder who'd be better suited centrally and although Williams has been utter pish he could offer us the balance we've been looking for on the left With Kerr suspended I'd go 4-4-2 with Bain Hateley, Gadzhalov, O'Dea, Holt, Gowser (right mid), O'Hara, Vincent, Williams, Haber, El Bahktoui (last opportunity)
  6. Hateley's a fraud that hides on the park. Waves his arms pretending to want on the ball when there's an opposition player beside him or between him and the ball when playing centre midfield. His work ethic isn't good enough for that role either unless Hartley instructed him to not move from in front of the centrehalfs with Gowser and Vincent doing all the leg work.
  7. Terry needs to sit his arse in the tv gantry in the Derry for home game and listen to the punters below. The game's most knowledgeable fans....
  8. Aye he looks like he's wanted away all season. There's been a few goal's this season where I got the feeling he'd have thrown his "tat sleeves" on it last season. 2nd against Hamilton and the 2nd against St Johnstone recently.
  9. The chasing of 2 players this season for a couple of months and the contribution they have made is killing us. Hiya Tam, hiya Faisal. The pre contract deal for Williams is a mystery also. Never plays him but jumped the gun, signed him early but never really given him a chance. Tbf he's looked pish but has he been actively encouraged to take people on and get crosses into the box? Edited to say....as for Yordi that was taking the fuckin piss. Edited again to say. As for that c**t Duffy that was another pisstake. Anyone down at the East Fife game would've taken 5 minutes to see he was never going to be good enough. A replacement for GGH tae, fuckin good ain. Boils meh piss thinking aboot that ain
  10. I'd agree also. Exceptional 1st season. Good to very good 2nd season. 3rd season wtf has happened to him. His commanding of the 18 yard box in the 1st season and reflex saves were a joy to watch. Easily the best since Speroni in his 1st 2 seasons. Started to worry about him pulling out of Scotland squads. I would've thought a young keeper would be desperate to be in and around the national squad instead of pulling out with end of season niggles. Could've got himself a great move that would've set him up for life.
  11. That list and ratings aren't far off what I'd say. Blaring mistakes to everyone except Hartley and McCabe.
  12. Double Malky that's what we love about this club. Fucking bonkers at the best of times but never ever a dull moment. Big Rab as assistant would be teckle.
  13. He's blue, He's white, He's fucking dynamite, He's Neil McCann, He's Neil McCann.
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