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  1. The Umbro efforts in the 80s were top notch. Blue top, white shorts, red socks. Proper Dundee kit.
  2. Spot on. Said at the game on Wednesday that if we had Hemmings in our side we would've be in a lot better position. For how well Haber plays in holding the ball up and winning most stuff in the air his finishing is criminal. I wasn't at the game today but went to the other 4 games since the split and Haber's missed at least 5 very, very simple chances in these games alone.
  3. Last season I thought we were a couple of defensive players away from having a very good side at our level. Basically a couple of big strong bruts, the exact opposite of a Hartley type signing. GGH, Stewart and Hemmings were a joy to watch.
  4. My round up of the season. Cup runs - SHITE League form - SHITE Summer signings - SHITE I had convinced myself by half time at East Fife game (1st game of the season) that this year was away to be horrendous and 10th was the best I was looking for. Hartley had a fucking shocker last summer.
  5. Heard a few weeks back that Mannus has signed a pre contract with us, with the agreement that if we got relegated the contract got ripped up.
  6. That young laddie is FAF "I'll fucking love it when Dundee come down" "Karma's coming to Dundee" "It'll be Dundee Yenited's DOON derby this time" "Marcus Haber, 4 goals in 36 games or so isn't very good " maybe no young man but since MacKinnon knocked him back after a trial he's been a fucking revelation for us. Thank you very much Raymondo!!!!
  7. He's blue, He's white, He's pulled us out the shite, He's Neil McCann, He's Neil McCann. Thank you Sir Neil Of Dundee, thank you x
  8. Well done the Wickermen! Thank you from the Derryboys.
  9. I reckon he will too. Think he's a Morton fan to boot!
  10. 1 too many, solely because of the amount of injuries he's had at Dens. Decent player in there though.
  11. I think he'd be better off getting shown a video of Paul McGowan's last 3 games and told "this is the attitude and commitment you need to show to make the most out of your career". Where Gowser is playing now looks to me to be the best suited role for Wighton currently but he isn't going to get the jersey off of Gowser imo.
  12. My unpopular opinion is that Gadzahlov gets OTT praise because he goes to the 3 stands applauding the fans after games at Dens. Decent player right enough but not quite what he's made out to be.
  13. Yeah I agree. Love his attacking down the wing.
  14. Cammy Kerr's down well this season but Darren O'Dea strolls player of the year for me. Great signing
  15. Definitely fully fledged. Signed as a central midfielder I think.
  16. What if it was a case of showing loyalty to someone up until the last minute. Could be a plus point when appointing the new manager that the current board show a great deal of loyalty to the previous manager.
  17. If Neil McCann manages to keep us up I think John Nelms has pulled off a bit of a master stroke. Hopefully Nelms will be given a huge amount of credit for the brave decisions he's made about PH/McCann rather than being blasted for not making them earlier. Still some nervous moments ahead until we get the required points though.
  18. Would it be foolish to hope Inverness get at least a point next week against Hamilton?
  19. I'd say 12.45 if Rangers are playing away. Add another 20 minutes if they're at home.
  20. I thought he had a great game and wasn't at fault for any of the goals. Some touch and finish by Moult for the 1st and nothing he could've done at the 2nd. That was the Scott Bain of the previous 2 seasons today.
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