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  1. I am Wato Kuate

  2. Big Kuate was a Cult Hero at Tannadice tae What a boot in the ba's to the dayglo's and what a legend of a man! We Are All Wato Kuate
  3. That Wato Kuate is some guy. Just saw his interview in tomorrow's Record saying he's glad Yenited never got up and it's Karma what a legend of a man.
  4. Stu that new build of St Mirren's is an abomination, I'd be gutted to move to a stadium like that. Bring back Love Street.
  5. Maddie's got mare chance o spellin Nelms right than you tho
  6. That's how desperate he is for the job, he's prepared to travel to another country to meet Nelms. Some boi oor JR.
  7. So I noticed, not as if the seethe will be off the scale or that
  8. Oi Maureen's is this manager of yours any good cos oor chairman is currently on his way to meet him in Spain
  9. Probably just use a thing called the 'telephone' instead Stu.
  10. I saw that last night and just laughed. The journalist was George Cran who has written some pish about us this season but that article takes the biscuit. Our finances like every other team will increase with the subsequent departure of a Inverness and arrival of Hibs by probably 2000 paying customers per season. Pity that hasn't registered with George.
  11. Ohh where do we start the filth got pumped fae the Accies and are STILL DOON. Must ask some of the dayglo infiltrators on here if it feels like being relegated 2 years on the trot.... oh and we're just waiting on Dundee Hibernian being liquidated for a 2nd time.
  12. How many years ago are you basing the "bounced from mess to mess in the last few seasons" comment on? Certainly isn't since Keyes and Nelms took over. Anyway if Dundee do intend on making Ross manager it will happen. Ross will just resign leaving us free of a compensation payment and him free to take over the reigns at Dens.
  13. Aye, Dicker and Jones of Kilmarnock would be my 1st 2 picks. McDonald and Ainsworth at Motherwell. Doubt ICT would be difficult to deal with for the likes of Draper, Meekings, Warren etc.
  14. I think there's quite a few who are out of contract plus I'd imagine Bain, Yordi and Williams will leave as well. Maybe I'm the eternal optimist!
  15. Stop it! New season, new group of players. Plenty of comings and goings over the next 8 weeks or do.
  16. I hope McCann gets the job, if not Jack Ross if it's given to someone currently in the Scottish game.
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