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  1. I take it McCann pumped yer maw when he was at Hearts.
  2. We're in a shocking mess and could quite possibly have finished bottom of the pile. Want to see someone at the helm for a long time for a bit of stability but he had to go after what we've witnessed this season. Of his summer signings I'd only give pass marks to O'Hara and Vincent, and that's being kind. The rest would get you the sack.
  3. Hartley's heads gone. 1st 18/24 months he was right up for the challenge now he's just run out of ideas. Even simple things like trying new ideas at attacking set pieces have gone, it's now just aimless balls into the box. At 1 of the corners 2nd half we didn't even bother our arses having a man in the 6 yard box, needless to say the ball went straight to the keeper. We used to be a side who kept the ball well, playing some nice stuff that was good to watch. Now it's just shite. An aimless launch to Haber who has no one playing off him. Does El Bahktoui no what he's doing playing upfront. He's never anywhere near Haber to play off his flick ons. Frustrating as f**k seeing 2 strikers playing so far apart. 5 at the back is an utter shit formation as well. 5 at the back with 3 of them playing out of position is fucking farcical.
  4. The fermers always have been and always will be a shitey wee irrelevant club.
  5. Congratulations on reaching 100 pages in 1 season. Who said the wee saintees were an irrelevant club.
  6. No danger the filth put in a serious offer for Tommy. 100k is f**k all to Tim Keyes and would see Wright on his way to Dens.
  7. Agreed his style of play is shite but he's working wonders with such a small, irrelevant club in St Johnstone.
  8. Tommy would jump at the 1st opportunity to come to Dens.
  9. Expectations are top 6 (5th biggest budget), a steady improvement in cup runs and the youth set up to continually improve as each season goes by. Reality is we're getting worse with each transfer window, cup runs are non existent and as regards the youths we never hear enough about how they're getting on to gauge, although they never seem to win anything either or have many called up for youth internationals. Staying in in the league is the priority though. This ultra negative tactics we now have isn't acceptable though. Edited to say the fact he has yet to sign a dominant centre half and a 6ft plus ball winning central midfielder after 3 and a half years in charge is pissing me off. Also we now have no decent players to play out wide in their natural positions. Absolute shit season.
  10. You'd like to think so with 4 out of the last 6 games at Dens. It's Dundee tho, wi ah ken what's awa tae happen tho.
  11. It'll cover your loss of the parachute payment which looks like coming in handy for us
  12. All in jest. The dabs can stop begging to be part of our historic Club, not happening. Fucking dayglo, filthy b*****ds.
  13. Obviously it's going to be a The Football Club Of Dundee. In other words FC Dundee
  14. It's not a case of because you're a professional you can play anywhere. Hartley's hanging players out to dry by asking them to play out of position. Of course certain types of players can adapt. Wingers can play on either side of the park just like fullbacks but central players very, very rarely can play out wide effectively just the same as when wide players are being asked to play inside.
  15. I think your spot on about Kerr. You could also add O'Dea, Vincent and O'Hara. Are the last 2 players I mentioned good enough though? As for the rest he's spot on. Bain and Gomis are examples of players who look like they couldn't give a f**k. Hateley is an example of someone who goes hiding when we're in possession of the ball. He'll stand waving his arms about like he wants the ball but he's usually in a position where the player can't find him with the ball or in a position where he'd be under so much pressure you wouldn't give him the ball. He particularly boils meh p!ss with his lack of closing down. Time and again a Dundee player will run by him to go and close someone down, usually Gowser or Vincent.
  16. They can't adapt because Hartley plays that many people out of position. 5 central midfielders started on Friday with no naturally wide players and a centre forward who didn't have a clue how to play the lone striker role. Hartley's summer transfer window was horrendous. Chased El Bahktoui all summer who's not good enough, then to compound matters chased Hateley for months afterwards. We're going backwards.
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