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  1. Personally, Gowser's done Hartley's job for him. He's the 1 who should've been out facing up to the media saying the same things, instead it was left to Gowser who didn't miss himself out in all this. Also without a doubt there will be players in that dressing room who think they're above any criticism and don't see themselves as part of Gowser's comments. Do you think Scott Bain see's himself as part of the problem?
  2. We've seen Gowser can do it by his performances over the 2 previous seasons. Vincent has still to deliver but definitely brings a bit of energy to the side. The bigger question is was his type of signing required?
  3. That is spot on. It's sh!t going to a game knowing your going to get pumped because of the manager's bizarre line up and tactics. Every game bar 1, the Rangers game against the top 4 he goes negative as f**k and we just invite teams onto us knowing it's only a matter of time until they score. Twice this season I thought he's found a formation that would easily see us safe yet after an international break/winter shutdown he goes back to the utterly sh!te tactic of 5 in midfield, sitting deep as f**k with zero support to the striker and Hately shoehorned back into the side. 5 central midfielders he had starting the game last night. That's ridiculous. I think O'Hara won 1 header against Considine all night yet the whole game Bain kept doing the same kick out to him. At what point does Hartley instruct him to stop doing it. Of that starting 11 last night Gomis, Hateley, Holt and El Bahktoui are simply nowhere near the standard required and I've been kind not to include Vincent and Ross in that category as well. That's not to mention the likes of Williams, Yordi, Low, Loy, Jules and Gadzhalov Would it be harsh to say since the summer we got promoted that we're getting worse every transfer window we go through?
  4. On a side note, Oor Duff would wipe the floor wi that fud Lennon. Fun and games with Lennon in the Premier next season.
  5. I'm having a good bevy on Craig Wighton day to celebrate the anniversary. Champers or Tennents is the big question...
  6. I think game time it was 90+3 when Wighton put the ball in Yeniteds net. Forever known as Beautiful Monday.
  7. Of course you can. That filthy club is phucked from top to bottom, pleasing.
  8. 25 hours til the crescendo begins. Pre-match warm up in 1 hour.
  9. Brilliant, The Cabby Arch! You boy's seem to like the idea of this maze with it's homage to past heroes, but it's gonna have to go at the other end of the land fae the Kingsway because I want a big f**k off DUNDEE FOOTBALL CLUB neon sign in the deepest of dark blue on the stand that is next to the Kingsway for all to see.
  10. It's a big skelp of land then when you consider the land behind the Derry, Coxy and Shankly only take Dens up to 12 acres
  11. Cheers for that. I presume Dens is currently half the size of the land bought up in Campy then.
  12. Is yer boyo fae the Smiths daid? If no, he's banned. End of. Pish band.
  13. What's the dimensions of 29 acres in metres? After a quick bit of research is it roughly 350 metres by 350 metres?
  14. f**k sake RandomGuy in Dundee complement shock. You've changed.
  15. A slightly smaller version of the 3 new stands around Tynecastle would do for me. Steep sloped and tight to the pitch.
  16. 1. Probably the best site that's available, thank f**k it's not on Riverside. The thought of sitting in a stadium on the banks of the Tay with a wind chill factor of about minus 10 in August is a no no for me. The cup game at New Bayview on the waterfront was fucking freezing and that was in July. Monnymusk/ Dawson would've been my preferred choice if available. 2. 13000-14000. Away end to hold 6000 like Tannadice, to coin in on the away fans like the dabs do. 3. Heart will always say stay at Dens but it's a no brainer. Would be a lot easier to attract players to the club when you don't have to drive them through the Hilltoon!
  17. Hughes was at it. He was just pissed off that players bailed on him.
  18. At no point did the Americans say they were going to buy Dens. Bill Colvin looked into it but nothing came of it.
  19. Crack on. Dinnae aim it down the wing cos he's never there.
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